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Nashville season two finale

Nashville’s season two finale didn’t hold the expected punch after the season one finale. The first season ending with a huge question of if Rayna and Deacon would survive the crash he caused while Rayna tried to drive him home. There were several other smaller questions in the air as well, but that was the big shocker of the finale.
This season, there was a small surprise at the end, but fans saw it coming. Deacon gave Rayna her original engagement ring back. He is forcing Rayna to choose between Deacon and Luke. Luke surprised everyone by proposing; of course they gave that completely away in the previews for the finale, so viewers knew it was coming.
Another issue left hanging is if Avery will stay by Juliette’s side or not. There is no doubt she messed up, and viewers can see this. Everyone is routing for Avery to stay by her side and give her a second chance. He can save her from the person she was in her past. He can help her be a more loyal, happy, loving, caring person. He may be the only one who can change her in that way.
Another shocker is that Will finally told his wife that he is gay. Of course, he didn’t know there was a hidden camera in their bedroom, so not only did he finally tell her, but he also told the director and crew of the entire reality television show about them. This could hurt his career or help it depending on how they spin it. Of course, Jeff was right; the reality show was the wrong idea. Jeff will be sure to find a way to get rid of Will, and Will will probably end up on Rayna’s label. Doesn’t she take in all the lost puppies now?
The most important question in the area to Nashville locals is if Nashville will continue to film the series in the city of Nashville. The first two seasons were shot on location in Nashville other than a few sound stages like their replica of the Blue Bird Café. Last summer, after season one, this same argument came up. It is all about the money and the politics of television. Hopefully they will do the right thing again, like they did last year, and decide to stay in the city of Nashville. The show wouldn't be the same if it wasn't filmed in Music City.

Nashville cast members
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for St. Jude
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