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‘Nashville’ season 3 has begun filming

‘Nashville’ season 3 has begun filming
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Fans of the ABC drama, “Nashville,” will be glad to know that Season 3 has begun filming. According to The Boot on Monday, filming for the series began last week in Nashville, Tenn.

There had been talk that the show would move production to another location because of a lack of monetary incentives to keep the show located in its namesake city. Other locations that had been under consideration included Georgia and Texas. Fortunately, the location issue was resolved and the show will remain put for another season.

The writers are based in Los Angeles but returned to Nashville to start writing the season 3 stories. They visited notable music locations like the Grand Ole Opry and the Bluebird Location, both spots that have figured prominently in the series in the past. They also met with country music star Sarah Evans and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean.

Actual filming began on July 17. Word is among the firsts done was one on a sound stage that replicates the actual Bluebird Café.

Some of the storylines fans are anxious to follow include the marriage proposals Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) received from both Luke Wheeler (Will Chase) and Deacon Claiborne (Chip Esten) in the Season 2 finale. Since the finale, Hayden Panettiere, who plays Juliette Barnes, announced she is expecting her first child. How her pregnancy will be worked into the show and who the father will be is another major story line. She and boyfriend Avery Barclay (Jonathan Jackson) recently broke up and she had a one-night fling with record mogul Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson).

The Season 3 premiere of “Nashville” has been set for Wednesday, Sept. 24 on ABC. The premiere will venture off the traditional path by including live performances by Britton and Panettiere. It is hoped the live musical performances will silence those who question whether or not the actors are really doing their own vocals for the show. Will you be tuning in for it?