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‘Nashville’ season 2 finale: Rayna-Luke-Deacon love triangle comes to a head

‘Nashville’ season 2 finale: Rayna-Luke-Deacon love triangle comes to a head
‘Nashville’ season 2 finale: Rayna-Luke-Deacon love triangle comes to a head
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In the last episode of “Nashville,” Luke professed his love for Rayna and she said she was “all in.” According to the promo for the season 2 finale, it looks as if Luke is going to take things to the next level. On May 13, TV Guide asked the question we all want the answer to – does this mean Rayna will finally give up on Deacon for good?

Charles Esten, who plays Deacon Claybourne, says the relationship between Rayna and Deacon was conceived of by the show’s creator, Callie Khouri. “Callie Khouri wrote and directed our final episode," Esten said. "So, that should tell you that Callie will not leave that stone unturned. That is one of the things she loves to explore the most, is Deacon and Rayna. She would not leave you without some amazing storyline there."

Luke is not likely to give up easily, though. He has displayed some insecurities in the past where Deacon is concerned but seems poised to accept that Deacon will always be part of Rayna’s life, if for no other reason than he is her oldest daughter’s father. But Luke is willing to step up and be the partner Rayna has always wanted.

Will Chase, who plays Luke Wheeler, says, "All bets are off now. Deacon could have been that, a man who stands up for his family and all that stuff, and not been a drunk. And I think the sad part for Rayna is that she wished Deacon was. They could have had a life. ... Of course, the great thing is that Deacon is now finally taking complete control — which is why all this is going to come to a head, because she's going to see him for that, and go, 'Oh, no.' I've got this great thing, I've got this great thing."

So who will Rayna choose if she chooses at all? On one hand there’s Luke who is stable. He’s had a long term relationship. He’s got kids that he’s raising. He’s a superstar who shares her love of the business but he’s also a down to earth guy who owns and runs a ranch. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

On the other hand, there’s Deacon. He has a volatile past an no long term relationships to speak of. His career is in a shambles but he has really stepped up in the past year after getting over the shock of being a father and learning how he’d been lied to about it. He and Rayna have a daughter and a history that cannot be erased. Regardless of whether or not he and Rayna end up together romantically, Deacon now has his daughter Maddie as a focal point in his life. He isn’t going anywhere.

Which one do you think Rayna should choose – Deacon or Luke? Tune in for the season 2 finale of “Nashville” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ABC.