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Nashville says welcome back to Scott Coner with his release “Feels like Friday"

Nashville, TN

Photos per  and his Facebook page.
Photos per and his Facebook page.
Scott Coner
2014 Donna Nolan-Wilson

It is so refreshing to talk to a man that put his family before himself, left town to raise a family with the love of his life. With a daughter heading to college and one in High School, it is now Scott Coner’s turn and he is doing it in a big way with the release of, “Feels Like Friday.”

I spoke to Scott the other day. We talked about his devotion to family, how important it was for him to be with his wife and daughters while they were growing up and we talked about his new EP release and his dreams for the future. I asked Scott this question; did you ever think that when you left music 20 years ago that you would be back it at 2 decades later?

A I hoped and prayed that my opportunity would come back and it finally did without having to compromise the most important things in my life.

Q I think people’s dreams get shelved for practicality. What did you do for a living when you weren’t doing music or was it somehow connected to music?

A No. Music has always been kind of isolated over a private side for me. I am project manager and estimator for a construction company. That’s what I have done for all of these years and it has been a very good living in terms of taking care of my family and things. It also allowed me the freedom to get this thing moving. We are just now in the process of taking the proper steps of moving insurance and all of this over to going full time in music. Right now we are waiting to see where we are getting traction around the country, where the song is getting the heaviest airplay, we are watching social media closely to see how that is tracking and where that is tracking and why is it tracking. As we put this thing together those will be the areas that I will probably begin playing music and reaching out there and begin the process of doing this for a living.

Q Is there a message that you want to get out there, something from your heart that you want me to say as your final send off on this interview?

A Yeah, I really think the message is to have something in your heart that you want so badly, and to not allow that dream and desire to ever die. You know like you say, maybe we shelf them. I am sure you have got the same thing, you obviously followed your dream and you’ve done very well in what you are doing and it is obviously what you wanted. I am sure you have friends back home that maybe somehow just through life let those dreams go and maybe they have even become callous toward those dreams. I think what I would like people to process is stay the course. Sometimes the path or the road goes a different way, maybe it’s the long way around the barn but we can all ultimately realize our dreams. It’s really really exciting and I can’t tell you how much you appreciate things like your music being listened to and working with great players again. It was odd this morning when I was sitting there in the radio station and I am already really excited and then T. Graham Brown walks in the door behind me and gives me a hug. That was a very emotional moment for me. I know I probably sound like a girl right now but it really felt good to be given this opportunity.

Q Well the fact that he surprised you was really nice too. Was that set up by your management?

A Yes.

Q Well it sounds to me like you are building a great team?

A Yeah, I think that is something else that comes with age. I am not taking credit at all for putting together the team but I think as you get a little bit older it’s harder to fool someone my age than someone 23. I have been very very fortunate to have Don and to have Billy and to work with great players, be in some really good studios and I feel like I have a very solid Christian group of men and it is going good.

Q How many songs are on the CD?

A Seven are on the EP and we have an awful lot of music recorded already. I’ve got a lot of songs written that are put together as demos right now. To be honest with you, I anticipated that my career in Nashville was going to one as songwriter. This has allowed me to not only be a songwriter but to record other people’s songs and to work at this level has really been a blessing.

Q It is no small feat to be a successful songwriter as well.

A You know when you hear a song that is really special, you will always remember where you were at when you heard it the first time. To me, that’s something that I really hope that one of these days that somebody can say that about one of my songs that I wrote. That would mean an awful lot to me.

Q Is it an equal amount of songs written on your EP as opposed to songs written by others?

A I wrote two of the songs on there. I wrote, “Sanibel,” with T that T recorded with me and then I wrote, “Maybe She Lied,” with Tanya Tucker. Feels like Friday I did not write and I did a recording of an old song called, “Locomotion.” Do you remember that song?

Q Absolutely.

A That was one of my childhood favorite songs but we did it more like a Motown groove.

We talked a lot more about real estate in Nashville, songwriter hot spots and the music business and made plans to have dinner together with our spouses in the not so distant future. Scott is a truly nice man filled with love for his family and music. His EP, “Feels like Friday,” is available on iTunes and Amazon. Please check him out at his website at:

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