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Nashville's Singer Songwriter Bobby Pizazz Restore Health Benefit Scheduled


Bobby Pizazz Benefit Poster
2013 Bobby Pizazz

It has come to my attention that a guy who is always there for everyone else is in need of our help. His name is Bobby Pizazz and he is a man who has spent his life giving and helping others. Below is a post that was sent to me by people supporting him and the Bobby Pizazz Restore Health Benefit and the details for that Benefit. There is a great line-up of music planned. Please share this article on your page so we can get the word out to as many people as possible. Even if they can't attend, they can donate other ways. At the bottom of the information is a plea from his wife.

Nashville music family...we have one of our own who is needing your help.
The Bobby Pizazz Restore Health Benefit will be held on December 13th @ 7:00 PM at the Holder Family Fun Center in Hendersonville, TN.

In April, Bobby fell and is in need of therapeutic equipment that his insurance will not pay for. Many of you know Bobby as the guy who is always first to reach out and host benefits for the sick, disabled, young and old. Bobby is the long time DJ of Give Me A Break radio program heard worldwide on over 11,000 stations.

There has been great response from many celebrity entertainers who are going to donate their services and provide entertainment for this benefit. Razzy Bailey, Bobby G Rice, Jimmy Payne, Boomer Castleman & Lois Hess, Don Mealer aka The Grand PooBah!, J.K. Coltrain, and many more.

I know how the Nashville music community always reaches out to help their own. Spread the word and share this post with others.
Thanks guys! For more information contact Little Feather Brown (Ruth) of Only God's Way Ministry.

If you unable to attend please make a donation at this event page
Please support Bobby Pizazz Project: Restore Health. There comes a point when those that help others, need help themselves. Bobby Pizazz Project: Restore Health is the first step in helping someone who has given so much. My mission is to help Bobby Pizazz restore his health, put him back on stage ~ Entertaining ~ By Annie Pizazz