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Nashville's Music Underground Jam in June

Jam Host Gary Allen behind his new glass partition
Jam Host Gary Allen behind his new glass partition
Ken Utterback

There are a number of circumstances that can keep the Music Underground Jam from staying on an 'every-other-week' schedule. The weather is probably the most critical, as I've mentioned in the past, but a few other situations do come into play.

Enter here for Rock 'n' Roll
Ken Utterback

Back when The Jam was held on Sundays, at previous venues like Windows Off The Cumberland, The Elysian Inn and JC’s Bullseye, a lot of name musicians were in regular attendance. Even when these get-togethers were being held every week, we got to see a lot of the same faces during the month. But now that The Jam has moved to Saturday, a lot of these great players are also the lucky ones among us who have weekend gigs.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of talent available in town. This includes those who can stay a while before their gigs. On top of that, there seems to also be a steady flow of out-of-town talent that is able to show up. No matter what the reason for their making the scene, it’s always a great jam and often has some surprises in store. What turned out to be the only jam in June was definitely one of them.

How about some Rock accordion? Joe from Miami (sometimes that’s as complete as the names get at The Jam) knows how to Rock and Roll with the best of the more traditional keyboardists. Or maybe you’ve heard of an electronic saxophone, like the one played by John from Pittsburgh. Actually, the instrument John played is so much more than that, but the initial sounds I heard were definitely those of a sax. Isn’t technology great?

If you listen again to the sound in the video, from an article last month, you’ll hear the music I’m talking about. It was actually just a short clip and unfortunately didn’t include everyone’s face on video, but the sound is there.

The Jam is certainly becoming some very eclectic Rock and Roll, from a very unique bunch of players. The name Music Underground fits pretty well.

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