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Nashville's hidden gem: The By Gods

Summer is a great time of year to travel and see the rest of the country. Some art lovers will make a pilgrimage to the “Music City” which is Nashville, Tenn. Nestled between the country feel of Dollywood on the east side of the state and the rockabilly roots in Graceland (Memphis) on the west side, Nashville is primarily known for its country music affiliation. However, one can find rock, jazz, and other genres in their music scene.

If tourist destinations such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry don't sound appealing to your auditory senses, there is relief from the honky tonk fandom in Nashville. One band based in that area is The By Gods. They just released “I Don't Care Who Believes Me” this summer. You can listen to the songs on Soundcloud and purchase the digital album here.

In our humble opinion, The By Gods have a refreshing local band feel with superior audio mastering you just don't expect from a garage band style of music. They are decidedly rock and roll with a punk attitude. The drummer, Tye Hammonds, says this of his band: "We're really hedonistic when it comes to most things with The By Gods. As long as we're into it, we think that other people will be too."

We enjoyed all the tracks from “I Don't Care Who Believes Me,” but some speak more to us than others. Our personal favorite was “Hometown.” It is a great song about the disillusionment from a mundane life caused from being a “townie.” The By Gods have a music video for “Letting A Good Thing Go.” Check it out on Youtube. You can learn more about their current tour on Facebook or Twitter.

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