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Nashville's Haunted Tavern Tour

Don't forget your camera!
Don't forget your camera!

My husband and I decided to become tourists in our own town last weekend. We went with some friends of ours, another married couple, on the Haunted Tavern Tour in downtown Nashville. If you’ve never taken this tour, I highly recommend it! It was pretty low cost ($15 per person) plus whatever drinks or food you choose to partake in at each stop along the way.

Our tour went to three different locations. It began at Mulligan’s Pub on 2nd Avenue. The entire group met there (12 total) and did an informal meet and greet with the host of the tour. We played some trivia, had some drinks and heard the story of the ghosts that haunt Mulligan’s. It was quite an interesting story about a married couple that lived upstairs. Apparently, the husband pushed his wife down the stairs…hmmm, ok moving on! Mulligan’s actually has a very high turnover rate with their staff because of all the weird things that happen there.

Our next stop was B.B. Kings Blues Club also on 2nd Avenue. We were taken past the stage and the rest of the customers in the main bar and escorted to a back room. It was decorated beautifully with chandeliers and candles but still very creepy considering the stories we heard about the place. The host told us about a ghost that haunts B.B. Kings who also happens to be a past customer who died there. She spoke of ghost sightings, orbs and the phone ringing with an internal call when no one else was in the building! Ahhhhhhhhhh! If that’s not enough to give you goose bumps, I don’t know what will!

The last stop was next door at Buffalo Billiards. Again, we were taken to the very back room where we ordered drinks, played more trivia and heard about more ghosts. This particular location had a worker crushed with steel back when it was a warehouse and there have also been many sightings of Civil War soldiers up and down the river.

All in all, it was a very entertaining tour, a great way to learn about local haunts (no pun intended) and a fun activity to do with your spouse and friends. The tour runs all year and visits several different locations.  

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