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Nashville Recording Artist Eric Street is not afraid to say, “I’m Over You."

Nashville, TN

Photos of Eric
Photos of Eric
2014 Eric Street
I'm over you Cover
2014 Eric Street

I was really looking forward to talking to Eric Street because I heard his single, “I’m Over You,” and I think it rocks.

After talking to Eric, I quickly discovered that Eric really wants you to follow your heart and get a little reckless. He wants you to get a little reckless just in time for the release of his new album, "Reckless Heart," with his single, "I'm Over You, being released first. Eric’s new album, “Reckless Heart,” is a mix of classic and original country and blues tunes.

Eric is most known for his appearances on GMT, NBC, TBN as well as conducting his national tours. Eric has had songs chart on international radio in several countries. With several awards from various prominent country music associations to his credit, he has also shared the stage with many of the industries finest and well known artists in both country and pop music.

I sat down to talk to the blonde spiked haired performer who truly is an original to talk to him about his new single, his upcoming album release and his music career and it got real-real quick. Sit back and take a peek into Eric Street and his life with me and then check out his music. You certainly will be glad you did.

Q I want to tell you that I am really enjoying your single, “I’m Over You.”

A Thank you.

Q Is this album currently released?

A The single is available on all download sale outlets like iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play as well as most all the other digital download places you run into online. I really want to thank all the DJ’s, program directors who might be reading this who have already put my song in their rotation for the summer and given me several plays. It is one of those upbeat songs and people are emailing me saying they are playing it non-stop. I have gotten really good feedback. It is one of those songs that everybody you have ever met can relate to this song. Sometimes we have friends or acquaintances that just wander into our lives that think they are all that and under their spell and a little time goes by and then their true colors start to appear. You start thinking, all right, I was under your spell but now I am over you.

Q Right.

A We are all very pleased with how it turned out.

Q Did you write the material on the new album?

A It is a mix of originals and I’ve got some classic blues and country songs that I have covered on the album. They are some old standards that I have always enjoyed and I think all the listeners will enjoy as well.

Q What set’s you apart from all the other young and breakthrough singers?

A I would say I am an original. So many out there try to emulate their favorite artists or try to be a copy of somebody who is already out there. I think that is the biggest mistake you can do. Why be a second rate version of someone else as opposed to being a first rate you? There is already a Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood or Josh Turner. I decided a long time ago you can idolize people, maybe you like the way they sing this note or run or riff. I think it’s the biggest mistake to base your sound or image off of someone else instead of being yourself. Not only do I try to be as original as possible, I would say probably the way I dress would absolutely set me apart. I have always thought if you are going to be an entertainer, you should dress like one. When you walk into the venue, everyone in the building should know you are the entertainer. It must be because nobody else would dress like that, you know?


A You should look like an entertainer, a professional and always be unique. Give people something they haven’t seen before and that they will definitely remember.

Q How long have you been singing and have long have you wanted to be an entertainer?

A Oh my goodness, I think I came out singing?


A I tell you what, I have always been loud. My kindergarten teacher, at the end of the school year, my kindergarten teacher had a little book she kept notes in about her students and at the end of the year she would put something in there about each and every one of us. Her notation about me was that I was a class clown and loved to entertain people. I always said I might not be the best but I am certainly the loudest and that would go for my taste in Rhinestone clothes and style. So that was when I was five years old so I have always loved entertaining and have always wanted to be an entertainer.

Q Is there a special someone in your life?

A Not right now.

Q Okay.

A I do take applications after each live show.


Q That’s adorable. I love that. I’d love to see one of these applications.


Q I want to know the bullet points on your application. That’s too funny. Eric, what is the drive behind your love of performing?

A I would say, “Love,” would be the key word there. Music is love. Music equals emotion and it expresses things that sometimes people can’t get out. A song can really be a healer and help people feel things and just kind of address things and get through rough times. I feel most alive I believe when I am in front of a live audience. I love that I can take people away from their problems and stressful situations they may be in even if it is just for a few minutes while I am entertaining them. I can encourage them, I like to encourage people to get out and live life and remind them that we are not promised tomorrow. We’ve got to go out and make the best of today and make it a good one. Walk in love and always let people know that you love them through your words and actions while you have the chance. I think music is a way that we can always do that and it brings people together. A lot of community activities have musical elements. The word community is come in unity and that is what we do. Music brings people together. We do so much online now and we really need that face to face connection more. I think music brings people together.

Q That’s very good.

A I think the live audience can always pick up that I really like to sing music that can really lift people up.

Q It sounds to me like you feed off the energy of the audience?

A Oh definitely.

Q So the bigger the audience, the more energy coming back at you?

A I enjoy the roar of the crowd. I have performed at some of the big colleges and big theatres, theme parks and at the CMA Festival over the years and I enjoy those but I also enjoy the concerts where there are 100 or less because I can always see every face. In a large show I can feel the energy but in a smaller show I can actually look everybody in the eye at one point of another when I am singing to them. I enjoy that.

Q What is your favorite thing about living the lifestyle of a touring and recording artist?

A Everything. I love what I get to do. I have to say it is pretty nice to be rubbing shoulders with the people you grew up idolizing. In many cases I have shared the same stage with or have been privilege to actually sing with artists that were my childhood hero’s.

Q Who are some of those artists? Who were your musical influences?

A I would say Wynonna Judd, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley and Ray Stevens. I listened to a lot of Patty Labelle and Whitney Houston so I think that is where I have gotten some of my soulful blues from.

Q Do you live in the Nashville area?

A I live a little bit south of Nashville.

Q Where did you grow up?

A In Columbia, Tennessee.

Q What are the two items you can absolutely not do without in your survival kit on the road?


A Oh man, this is a tough one. Slap the dog and spit in the fire.


A I would have to say hair spray.

Q Yes.

A And I would say my cologne, my fragrance because when I do a meet and greet afterwards, I always want to smell as good as I look.

Q Those are two good answers. You spike your hair right?

A Yeah, that is what I need the hair spray for. I bleach my hair and I know that is going to shock people to find out that I am not a natural blonde.

Q I think they probably know that already Eric.

A I bleach my hair and I spike it. All I do is put a little peroxide in my hair and stick my finger in the light socket.

Q Oh stop. You don’t put your finger in a light socket.

A Only on nights I’ve had a lot of fun.


With that we talked about a lot of things OFF THE RECORD that I won’t print as I am just that kind of journalist, trustworthy and respectful to all. Seriously though, you need to check out Eric Street and his new single, “I’m Over You,” at iTunes and his website.

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