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'Nashville' recap ‘Too Far Gone’ Lamar’s guilt, Deacon sings, Juliette decorates

'Nashville' recap ‘Too Far Gone’ Lamar’s guilt, Deacon records, Juliette decorates
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Too Far Gone” recently aired on “Nashville” and found Lamar out of prison and his family coping with the ramifications of that. We also got to see Deacon record his first album, watch Juliette redecorate Avery’s place and Zoe struggle for a place in the world. Entertainment Weekly shared a recap on Feb. 6 that merits a closer look.

Lamar, Rayna and Tandy

Rayna guilts Tandy into being there when Lamar gets home. After a quick hug, Tandy makes excuses to leave and Rayna is left to welcome Lamar with Maddie and Daphne by her side. They sing him a sweet welcome home song and leave.

Later, Rayna learns from a neurotic Teddy that Peggy’s death was most likely an attempt by Lamar to kill Teddy. Teddy thinks Lamar believes it was Teddy who was the Feds special witness. Teddy tells Rayna it was Tandy.

Rayna confronts Tandy and in a series of discussions, Tandy finally explains that Lamar was behind the death of their mother and she shows her the detective’s report to prove it.

This forces Rayna to confront Lamar who finally confesses but his confession is not what you’d expect. He was following is wife because she was leaving him and he wanted to stop her. She sped up to get away and lost control of the vehicle. It crashed and she was killed. He did stop but it was too late for him to do anything. He panicked and fled the scene. Rayna finds it plausible but doesn’t know if she can believe him. On the subject of whether or not he tried to kill Teddy, he neither admits it nor denies it. Lamar goes to see Teddy and learns from him that it was Tandy who sold him out and has a heart attack in his office. Teddy appears to do nothing and just watches as Lamar falls to the floor, begging for help.

Deacon Sings and Records

The album, which will be put down on vinyl, will be entitled ‘Deacon Clayborne: Live at the Bluebird.’ On his way to set up for the recording, he drops by Megan’s office to bring her coffee and discovers her holding hands with Teddy. This, he learns, is the super-secret case she’s been working on and he flips out, asking her, "Are you some kind of tragedy junkie? Is that why you're with me, a hot-headed alchie you seduced because of your savior complex?" Wow! Later, cooler heads prevail. He apologizes and she shows up for his recording session. All better.

Avery and Juliette

It is Avery to the rescue for everyone it seems. When Deacon turns up at the Bluebird, he is still reeling from his fight with Megan and wants to scratch the opening love ballad, ‘I Keep Coming Back,’ a song that was clearly written about Rayna back in the day. Avery talks him out of his funk and gets Deacon to call Megan. Avery also engineers the recording for the evening and it turns out brilliantly.

Meanwhile at home earlier that day, a down and out Juliette is content to lock herself away in Avery home and watch TV all day. When he leaves, she redecorates the place complete with poofy pillows. It is Avery, again, who gets her to realize she can’t hide forever.

Just because you close your eyes… doesn't mean you're invisible," he tells her, followed by the less-cryptic "You are the only one who can change the conversation. And there's no doing that while cooped up in here."

Juliette shows up at the Bluebird where she kisses Avery, a move Deacon catches. "So is this a……" Deacon says, looking from Avery to Juliette standing together. "I like it."

Will, Gunnar and Brent

Will is still trying to deny his sexuality in spite of Gunnar urging him to accept who he is. Gunnar writes a song for Will "about the Brent thing." Will is chafing at the idea and goes to Jeff to complain about having to work with Brent because Brent makes Will “uncomfortable.” Jeff fires Brent and takes control of Will’s career. Brent stops by Will and Gunnar’s place to share the good news and though he says little to Brent, Will is upset over this turn of events. Will sings Gunnar’s song, alone in the house until Gunnar comes home and hears it. The sweet sound is shattered when Will notices Gunnar and reverts to his angry self, saying, "You're the only one who's ever gonna hear me sing it!"

Scarlett and Zoey

Scarlett's still popping those pills for a little added energy. It’s working but people are noticing. Deacon and Zoey – who Scarlett has suddenly started talking to and being nice too – have both noticed she’s talking a mile a minute and acting a little off.

Zoey is tired of being an accessory in Gunnar’s house and decides it’s time for a career of her own. She goes to an open call for backup singers but has no demo or head shots, so gets turned away. She returns with a DVD of her church solo performance and tells the agent “I can really sing.” Fingers crossed?

What did you think of “Too Far Gone”? Is Lamar dead and will Teddy bear any responsibility for it? How far down the wrong road will Scarlett go before someone steps in? What will happen to Tandy if Lamar lives?

“Nashville” airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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