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‘Nashville’ recap of ‘All or Nothing with Me'; Secrets threaten to ruin lives

‘Nashville’ recap of ‘All or Nothing with Me'; Secrets threaten to ruin lives
‘Nashville’ recap of ‘All or Nothing with Me'; Secrets threaten to ruin lives
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“All or Nothing with Me” really brought the drama in the last episode before the season 2 finale of “Nashville.” According to TV Recaps on May 7, Jeff Fordham was creepier than ever. Juliette’s life is fast falling apart and Deacon was once again heart-warming.

After Juliette’s regrettable romp with Jeff, the episode opened with her sobbing in the shower as she tried fiercely to scrub the hook-up off. It obviously wasn’t going to work and when she emerged from the bathroom to find Avery waiting in her room, the look of shock and grief fighting for control of her face was priceless. To top it off, he was there to apologize to her for being distant during Scarlett’s crisis.

Rayna got called away from a meeting with radio executives because Luke had been injured while touring in Afghanistan for the troops. Fortunately, her new love only had a few bumps, bruises and a couple of minor cuts from the exploding IED that killed two, seriously injured others and rolled the vehicle he was travelling in. She flew to New York to meet him at the hospital where they cooked up a stateside concert for the troops at Fort Campbell, just outside Nashville.

Will and Layla were gearing up for their reality show. Cameras were installed everywhere and everything they did became a big production. While the producer was thrilled, Will was not.

Gunnar got tapped to come write songs with Juliette, a prospect that made him uncomfortable, given that he’s witnessed her and Jeff at the party and he’s now chummy with Avery. He took the meeting but it was interrupted by Jeff still trying to convince her to come back to his label.

Scarlett was back at deacon’s house trying to figure out what to do wither life. It was decided she’d take her old waitress job back at the Bluebird. Her hopes of life returning to normal were dashed when several customers recognized her and kept bringing up her breakdown. When she later learned that Zoey was going on tour with Juliette as a backup singer, Scarlett announced there was no longer a reason for her to stay in Nashville and she would be leaving.

With Rayna in New York, Maddie had the chance to spend a couple of days with Deacon. She pressed him for answers about his life, his childhood and why he hadn’t married her mom. She also wanted to know where he was the night she was born. He told her he had been on the road but later at an AA meeting, he revealed he had no idea where he’d been because he’d gotten drunk. Tears came to his eyes when he said that he never wanted his little girl to know that fact.

Rayna invited Juliette to sing for the troops but Luke was none too happy about it. When he later overheard Juliette talking with a wounded soldier and how her own father was killed while in the service, he changed his mind about her. They did a duet together that rocked the place. Michelle Obama was featured in a video clip, praising the troops for their service. Kellie Pickler did a number, too. Rayna and her daughters took the stage and Maddie asked if Deacon could join them. He did, much to the dismay of both Teddy and Luke.

Just before he went on stage, Deacon asked Teddy what the day of Maddie’s birth had been like. He said Teddy had done a wonderful job raising her. He just wanted to know what it was like. Teddy softened and shared the story with him. Sigh. Deacon also apologized to Rayna for being mad at her for not telling him about Maddie. He realizes the place he was in all those years ago and knows she was only protecting Maddie. He gets it and he’s grateful for what she did. Then the two of them looked off at the stage, with tears in their eyes.

Zoey barges in on Gunnar and Avery just in time to stop Gunnar from telling Avery about what he had seen. Zoey is concerned because they both have to work with Juliette and telling Avery could mess things up.

At the concert, Avery apologizes to Juliette again and says he fears she is pulling away. She assures him that will never happen. Moments later, she runs into Jeff again. Hell bent on signing her, he wonders out loud if Avery would be so supportive if he knew about their tryst. The man is not beyond blackmail to snag Juliette.

Will, fed up with the reality show, leaves and heads for the gym where a hunky personal trainer hits on him. He keeps Tony’s card. Back at home, Will rips one of the cameras form its wall mount, calls Tony and schedules a private session. Poor Layla.

Rayna and Luke have a chat about their relationship. He’s worried she isn’t in love with him like he is with her. She tells him she’s “all in.”

Nashville’s” season 2 finale airs next Sunday on ABC. Does Will do more than train with Tony? Will Jeff win his battle to get Juliette back working for him? Will Avery find out about Juliette’s romp? Tune in and find out!

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