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‘Nashville’ recap for 2x18 ‘Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down’

‘Nashville’ recap for 2x18 ‘Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down’
‘Nashville’ recap for 2x18 ‘Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down’
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Lots of secrets come to the surface when “Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down” aired Wednesday, March 26 on ABC’s “Nashville.”

Juliette, Avery and Scarlett

Juliette is trying to right her career as well and goes on tour to win back her fans. With Scarlett opening and Avery producing, the tour should be amazing. Juliette gives the performance of her life but Avery missed it because he was backstage writing a song with Scarlett. When Juliette invites both of them to the after-party, Avery declines so they can keep writing. This doesn’t sit well with Juliette.

Jules takes it out Scarlett, demanding she make some noise during her opening set and not bring the crowd down. Avery promises Scarlett he’ll talk to Juliette. Scarlett handles the chewing out by popping some more pills and then goes on stage sings her dreamy ballad anyway. Juliette is mesmerized by the performance and notices the crowd’s positive performance but is furious that Scarlett defied her.

The 2 women have it out and Scarlett tells Juliette she’s sick of produces, hecklers and friends that abandon her and to go ahead and fire her. Juliette says no way because Scarlett has got “it” and they need to rethink the energy of their tour. Later, when Juliette talks with Avery, she confides that she is terrified the tour will flop and her career will be over. She tells him he has her heart and that scares her because he could destroy her. He promises he won’t.

Gunnar, Will and Layla

Gunnar is not too keen on Will’s proposal to Layla. Jeff Fordham is suspicious and corners Gunnar on the subject of Will’s sexuality but Gunnar defends Will, saying he’s a real ladies’ man. Layla is upset because her parents think she’s too young to get married. They have threatened to cut her off if she gets married. Will suggests they elope after the show tonight.

After the show, Gunnar meets Layla and Will at the chapel and asks to speak to Will privately. He tells Will about Jeff’s suspicions and says he vouched for Will. Will says he knows marrying Layla is the right thing to do and that he will be a good husband to her. After the ceremony, they step outside and find a mob of paparazzi. Will plays to it and Gunnar goes along with it but it is clear he has doubts.

Rayna and Luke and their kids

Rayna’s new album is struggling on the charts because of Jeff’s big push on Will’s album. Signing Juliette hasn’t helped but Rayna’ is pinning her hopes on the ‘Live stream’ she’s going to do with Luke Wheeler to turn things around.

Teddy is mad when he learns Maddie slipped out while grounded to be with Deacon. He wants her to have consequences, namely, not going to the live stream concert. Rayna convinces him to let her go because she has agreed to let Maddie meet Luke’s 16-year-old son, Colt.

While their parents are working, Colt, Maddie and Daphne record the girls doing one of their songs. Colt mixes it and uploads it to his 20,000 followers – something Rayna has a fit about as she has serious concerns about the girls being on social media.

Teddy arrives at the concert to pick the girls up and he and Deacon have a confrontation. Teddy tells Deacon that he isn’t a parent and he isn’t going to be seeing Maddie for a while. Rayna gets them settled down but Teddy is hanging around backstage.

Colt shows the video he made to his dad. Luke discovers Maddie used the name Maddie Clayborne on her web page and figures out why Deacon is always in the mix. He’s not too happy with Rayna for keeping this a secret.

Luke had recently invited Deacon to go on tour with him and now must go on stage with him and Will. They do a short set, all 3 performing together. Luke cuts Deacon’s last song and does one of his own instead. Afterwards, Deacon, who is in the dark about Luke knowing the truth about Maddie, asks if it was something he said. Luke tells him it was something he didn’t say and sends him away.

Luke and Rayna have a heart-to-heart talk and he asks her what Deacon is to her. She says he is Maddie’s father and part of her history. She says Luke is her present and hopefully her future. They agree they both need to take a step back and digest this.

Deacon and Megan

Backstage, Deacon overhears part of a conversation between Megan and Teddy. Megan had been telling Teddy to ease up on Maddie and Deacon. Teddy tells Megan the night they shared was special. She calls it an awful mistake – that’s the part Deacon hears. Realizing the 2 have been intimate, Deacon throws Teddy against the wall and stands poised to give him a beat down, something Teddy goads him about. Megan talks him down and Deacon punches the wall instead and storms out.

Megan follows Deacon home and finds him packing a suitcase. He asks why she’s there and tells her it’s over between them. She’s worried he’ll do something destructive and throw everything away. He tells her he’s done being saved.

Nashville” airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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