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‘Nashville’ press release for episode 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’

‘Nashville’ press release for episode 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’
‘Nashville’ press release for episode 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’
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Nashville” will be returning in a couple of weeks with episode 2X16 “Guilty Street” and it looks like everyone is having money troubles. According to the press release shared by Spoiler TV on Feb. 18, Deacon will feel the temptation to drink on the road and his niece Scarlett gets in deeper with Liam. There are episode 2X16 spoilers ahead – be warned!

Here’s the press release:

“Guilty Street” – After performing her manifesto song at her Opry induction, major pop labels are vying to sign Juliette, overwhelming Avery, who can barely afford to take her to dinner. Rayna has major money troubles of her own, since Tandy’s been bouncing checks around town for Highway 65, affecting Rayna’s ability to sign new artists. Deacon finds that life on the road is filled with temptation when he runs into an old friend, Ruth Bennett (Charlotte Ross) at an AA meeting, and Scarlett becomes more enmeshed with Liam, on “Nashville.”

Wow! Let’s hope Avery isn’t now going to go down that macho street of feeling threatened that Juliette has financial options he doesn’t because of her fame and fortune. They were just beginning to get comfortable with one another in a romantic way!

Tandy is a train wreck and now it looks as if she’s going to pull Rayna down with her. Maybe there will something from Lamar’s estate that can help bail Rayna out.

The press release doesn’t say whether Deacon’s old friend Ruth Bennett is a good influence or a bad one on his temptation to indulge. Let’s hope since he runs into her at an AA meeting, it’s a good one. The man deserves to catch a break.

Just how Scarlett gets in deeper with Liam isn’t clear. Does it have to do with the pill popping or does it mean romantically? We’re not sure either is a good thing.

“Nashville” will return with “Guilty Street” on Wednesday, March 5 on ABC.

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