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Nashville Predators hire Peter Laviolette

Peter Laviolette is an NHL head coach. Again.
Peter Laviolette is an NHL head coach. Again.
Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images

The Nashville Predators have only known one head coach in their franchise history... until today. After letting Barry Trotz go, the Predators have now hired Peter Laviolette to replace him.

In the end, there isn't a lot to say, because this a boring, by the books hire. It's just another well-worn retread coach that has had some success in the past. This is what uncreative teams do. This is what teams who are looking for a high floor over a high ceiling do. This is Laviolette's fourth different head coaching job in the NHL. He has a Cup ring from Carolina, and he went to the Stanley Cup Final with Philadelphia. Plus, he actually got the New York Islanders to the playoffs. Twice! Still, he's also been fired a couple times, including this very season, when the Flyers ridiculously let him go after three games.

Yes, I know some very good coaches have jumped from job to job, but Laviolette isn't Scotty Bowman, and he hasn't bounced around by choice. He's good enough to keep getting hired, but not good enough to really make much of an impact. Head coaches don't make a ton of difference, but Laviolette is a known commodity, and what is known is that he can maybe help a bit, but he's not the next big thing.

The Predators have not made the playoffs for a couple of years now. They need talent, or a head coach that can really make the most out of middling talent. Laviolette isn't that. There is plenty of track record showing that. He's a solid professional, but we can pretty much book him for a firing in four or five years. The Predators could have sought out the next Barry Trotz. Instead they settled for the same old Peter Laviolette.