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Nashville: On the Record

Nashville ABC
Nashville ABC
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Nashville: On the Record brings another side of Nashville to viewers. It was real and full of magical moments. It proves what amazing artists all these cast members are. Not only can they sing for a recording for the show, but they can also sing live and really entertain an audience.
They performed some of Nashville’s most powerful songs. Clare Bowen singing “Black Roses” was possibly the most powerful of the night. It is a very powerful song in itself. It meant a lot to her character Scarlett, but also a lot to everyone who hears it and the song writer who wrote it from the heart.
Hayden Panettiere doesn’t hide the fact that she has stage freight. She was terrified to do this live event. Her fears are real and that helps show how real she is as a person and an actress. She is amazing in so many ways, but she proved herself with her two powerful songs.
Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio, and Chaley Rose sang together one of their hits from the one and only show their characters had when their band was together. It was short lived and that was sad for the show. It was a great idea and some wish they ran with the idea longer, but the three characters were going three very different ways.
The finale was amazing. The entire cast, except from the surprisingly absent Connie Britton, as well as several song writers sang together for a moment filled with chills. It was a beautiful moment to have them all singing together. It was like watching a television family come together for Christmas Dinner and sing a holiday tune. They all sounded amazing, especially together. “A Life That’s Good,” sounds like an amazing fit for an amazing cast of a hit ABC show.
More content online at More live songs, longer interviews, and more.
Watch next week for the final two episodes of the season, they look intense.

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