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Nashville mourns the loss of beloved songwriter Lorna Flowers

Nashville, TN

Lorna Flowers and Garth Brooks
2012 Lorna Flowers

Nashville woke up today in mourning as the news of fellow singer songwriter Lorna Flowers passing traveled through Facebook, over the telephone and face to face.

Lorna was a huge presence in Nashville. She arrived in Nashville in 2004 all the way from Sheffield, England with her British accent and huge contagious smile. She quickly made her way into the hearts of many of the other songwriters with her warm spirit and kind ways. She was always there to help everyone and did.

Lorna hosted songwriter nights and when she was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, she announced she would fight for her life with everything she was and she did. She always had a great attitude and fought the monster with everything she had inside of her.

I recently spent a little time with Lorna at the 1st Annual HIT Songwriters Appreciation Show and she told me about her publishing deal and how much she had to look forward too. She spoke to me about how since being diagnosed she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop and in fact for the first time in 7 years she finally felt like things were going to be okay.

Maybe GOD had given her the gift of peace. I’d like to think so. Different things are being reported about how she passed. Some are saying it was during a routine procedure and possible heart failure was the cause. I read on her Facebook where Jonathan Helfand said, “My dearest friend, co writer, and encourager passed today holding my wife's hand. Lorna Flowers lost her seven year battle with cancer. I am devastated that I wasn't there. God bless you and keep you Lorna.

A Gathering is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. today at the Commodore hosted by Debi Champion for people to come in and share stories of Lorna and co-writes. A possible Tribute Show is being discussed and I am sure that will happen because she was so well loved.

Lorna’s publishing company just made a statement which may shed some light on the hours leading up to Lorna’s death.

Robyn Taylor Drake from Lorna’s publishing company had this to say: “Last evening we lost our friend—our hero—Lorna Flowers. She entered Sarah Cannon Hospital for a biopsy but her body was too weak to recover from the procedure. She left the way she lived; surrounded by loving friends. Her family has now been notified and per her wishes, she will be buried in her beloved Nashville tomorrow, Friday March 7th (details below).
As for her Nashville family, plans are in the works for a fitting memorial and tribute, and info will be posted as those plans progress. Right now we celebrate an end to her years of pain and illness, though she will be terribly missed. Hers was a rare and wonderful light, and it carries on in the lives of everyone she touched. She often spoke of her angels; last night they carried her home.
A graveside service will be held tomorrow, Friday, March 7th at 10 a.m. at Sherith Israel cemetery, 2111 15th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

At 5 pm today (Thursday) the Commodore is hosting Lorna Hour for those of you who want to come share a song you wrote with her or perhaps say what's on your heart.
As her friend and publisher, I want to thank all of you for the outpouring of love and concern on her behalf. I believed in her and was so proud that she had accepted our offer of a staff publishing position with Songscape Music, She was a vital part of our team, totally irreplaceable and she will be missed very much.”

I decided to use the picture of Lorna with Garth Brooks as her main photo because she had used it on her Facebook page and I know how precious that photo and that moment was to her.

Lorna will indeed be missed. If the showing of love and heartfelt goodbyes is a true declaration of success and wealth for the time we spent on this earth, than Lorna was one of the richest and most successful songwriters ever to reside in a place called Music City.

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