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Nashville joining together to help Haiti


The songwriter community of Nashville came together last night to make a difference and they did it one song at a time! Hosted by Debi Champion and organized together with Rebecca Hosking 18 performers including David Ball, Glen Tubb, Jerry Foster, Don Wayne, Jimmy Payne, Bernie Nelson, James Slater, Pam Belford, Stan Webb, Doug Johnson, Mark Stephen Jones, Marc Alan-Barnette, Tony Lane, Chris Wallin, Walt Aldridge, Tommy Barnes, Michael Peterson, and Gerald Smith came and made the night shine.

$2,780.00 dollars was raised. All proceeds were given to UNICEF to help the children of Haiti. All participants can be proud of the evening’s end results. There was a silent auction with items that were donated, by Spalding Entertainment, Broken Bow Records, Capitol Records, Steve Bloch, Music Stop, Barbara Cloyd, Bernie Nelson, Doug Johnson, Mark Stephen Jones,, NSAI, Debi Champion, Rebecca Hosking, The Commodore Bar and Grill, Holiday Inn Select and many more. All items were sold before the end of the night.
It was a packed house of friendly faces all working together for a common purpose, to help Haiti.
For those interested in doing work on the ground in Haiti It is hard to know what’s going on in the midst of the chaos at this moment. Unless you’re a trained professional you may be more of a hindrance than a help. Going and helping on the ground could be potentially dangerous without the right sponsorship. Do your homework be patient and never lose the spirit to give more than money.
Do not feel your efforts are not appreciated by donating money right now that is exactly what they need. Haiti is not an overnight fix and their needs will continue for many years to come. All you people eager to get your hands dirty keep your eyes open for jobs or volunteer opportunities in the near future. Soon the emergency phase will turn into reconstruction efforts and then you could go and donate your time and muscle.
Regardless your efforts here or there, recognizing the needs of our global community is vital to a safer more loving environment here at home and abroad. Big thanks and a whole heap of gratitude goes out to each and every single person that was a part of last night’s efforts. If you mix our small amount with other small amounts soon we have large sums that can slowly make a difference. 
For more info: for questions or comments contact Rebecca Hosking. to subscribe or read more articles from Rebecca please visit her page at the Examiner.
All photos were taken by Rebecca Hosking all rights reserved.

All proceeds went to UNICEF to make a donation please visit there website.


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