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Nashville: How to Prepare for Driving in Winter Weather

Nashville is one of the areas in Tennessee which is said to be 'under the gun' for winter storms and some freezing and cold weather, with an accumulation of snow and/or sleet for tonight and tomorrow. We have been fairly lucky up to this point with our weather in Nashville and the area of Middle Tennessee, but this time we may not be fortunate enough to avoid the bad weather and the winter storms.

Here in the attached video 'How to Prepare for Driving in Winter Weather', we see some good tips for those who may not be used to driving in wintertime weather after a winter storm in Nashville. In the past twenty years we have not experienced really cold weather around here, but tonight and tomorrow the temperature in Nashville is forecast to be around 3 degrees, so we will all need to bundle up to stay warm when we go outside.

The snow is predicted to be around 2 inches for this winter storm, and of course, it can be more than that in the higher elevations around town and to the east of Nashville. One reminder is to 'layer' your clothing when preparing to go out in order to keep yourself warm. Another reminder is to be extra cautious of any pets which have to be outside as the cold weather can certainly cause havoc there.

Leave us a note and tell us if you are used to driving in winter weather after a winter storm and any tips you can share with us will certainly be welcome. Stay safe, stay inside if you don't have to get out, and thanks for reading our columns here on Examiner.

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