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'Nashville' fans have mixed feelings about concert instead of new episode

Connie Britton
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Tonight fans of "Nashville" were excited for a new episode of the show. They have been waiting on it and sat down ready to watch. Instead they were watching an one hour concert special and many of them did not realize this is what would be on tonight. On Tuesday, Washington Post shared about this new episode and thought it would go over great with fans.

It was actually called "Nashville: On the Record." It was simply a concert special where the cast talked about the show and the songs. It was not what they were expecting to see tonight and some fans were not happy about it. They went to social networks all night to complain about not getting a new episode.

If you check out Twitter, it came with mixed reviews. Some fans wish they had a chance to go and watch the filming of this episode. Other fans were talking about how amazing their singing was on the show. Hayden Panettiere shocked fans by how well she could really sing.

This is not something that "Nashville" plans to do all the time. The next new episode will be a normal episode of the show. If this one gets huge ratings, it is very possible that they will decide to do this again and show another concert. The extremely mixed reviews might make the show decide it is best to not do this again. A lot of fans would have rather had a real episode with a bit of music mixed in like usual.

The reviews on Facebook were just as mixed. Fans didn't realize that a few of the actors have an accent because they do such a great job on the show. Hopefully this episode doesn't lose the show any fans and they will check back next week to see if they get a new episode of "Nashville" on ABC.

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