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Nashville Family Road Trip: Fall Creek Falls State Park

Looking down the Cable Trail.
Looking down the Cable Trail.

Fall Creek Falls State Park, deep in East Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, is a two hour summer road trip for many Middle Tennessee families. What most don't know is that Winter brings three great reasons to visit for family fun.

  1. Smaller Crowds During the Summer all the families from Nashville and Chattanooga can overwhelm this park. During the winter months most folks stay away because of the cold. This means you and your family will have empty hiking trails, short waits at the waterfront buffet, and plenty of room in the nature center.
  2. Cheaper Lodging Have you ever seen the Fisherman's Cabins? Well, you have now (it's in the slideshow). It's your own private house on, not beside but on, the lake. Two bedrooms upstairs and a full kitchen, dining room, and living room (with wood stove) downstairs make this a great retreat that gives the whole family room to stretch out. In the summer it will cost you $755 for a week, the shortest rental period. During the winter you can stay for just $155 a night(two night minimum). Plus, if you're one of the thousands of state employees you get a 50% discount!
  3. Frozen Waterfalls Yes, frozen waterfalls. There's nothing more amazing than walking behind a waterfall that is a frozen sheet of ice. The cold deep blues and the eerie creaking of the ice make an amazing experience. When Fall Creek Falls freezes over you and your family can, CAREFULLY, walk behind the falls to have an arctic experience in Tennessee.

Insider Tips: Your kids will love the swinging bridges on the trails even if they don't like hiking. The easiest one to get to is right behind the visitor center. For the more adventuresome, take the short trail from the Visitor's Center to Cable Trail, a trail so step that you have to use a cable to make it down to the river.

If you go:

Fall Creek Falls State Park
2009 Village Camp Road, Pikeville , TN 37367-9803
Office: 423-881-5298
Inn & Cabin Reservations: 1-800-250-8610
Camping: 1-800-250-8611


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