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Nashville Family Road Trip: Cumberland Caverns

Yes, that is a person crawling through that little crack in the floor at Cumberland Caverns.
Yes, that is a person crawling through that little crack in the floor at Cumberland Caverns.
David Smith

While it’s cold outside, a family roadtrip to Cumberland Caverns is great because it's always a constant comfortable temperature year round and it’s the place to go for a unique family trip in Middle Tennessee. Just two hours south of Nashville, Cumberland Caverns is an easily accessible underground getaway. What sets Cumberland Caverns apart is that if you gather a couple families you and at least nine of your friends can actually spend the underground. Just be prepared.


You get two tours when you spend the night. One is the regular walking tour past underground ponds, stalactites and stalagmites. It’s pretty standard. The only really special part is the musical light show based on the Genesis creation account.

The second tour is what gets the adventuresome excited. It’s approximately 45 minutes of crawling, climbing, squeezing, slipping, and balancing your way through narrow passages. While Cumberland Cavern staff provide guides and helmets you’ll want to leave the flashlight at home and get everyone headlamps.

Sleeping Arrangements

This isn’t tent camping. Your group will have an area in the large cavern to call its own. There are no tents or walls, except for the cave. That means no privacy. Plus it means the light from the bathroom (yes there’s a bathroom in the cave) is like an extra large night light.


Yes, Cumberland Cavern will even feed you the next morning. It’s not anything fancy-cereal, milk, pastries and fruit.

Insider’s Tip

Grab dinner in the town of McMinnville before getting to the caves. Most every fast food restaurant is here.

For more information:

Cumberland Caverns
1437 Cumberland Caverns Road
McMinnville, Tennessee 37110


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