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‘Nashville’ episode 2x20 ‘Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad’ promo

Nashville” has been off the air for a couple of weeks now, so it was good news to finally see the promo for the finale. Spoiler TV shared it on April 27 and it is loaded with juicy details. Episode 2x20, ‘Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad,’ looks like it is loaded with drama.

‘Nashville’ episode 2x20 ‘Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad’ promo
Photo by Rick Diamond

When we left off, Scarlett had just had a booze-and-pill-induced breakdown on Stage after dealing with her mother for a day. The promo seems to pick up where the last episode ended.

A voiceover starts by reminding us “No matter how much you love the music, it’s drama like this that keeps you wanting more.” This plays over the opening scenes of the promo.

Avery shouts “kill the spotlight,” as he and Rayna help carry a zonked out Scarlett from the stage. Juliette is waiting in the wings. As they get Scarlett off stage, Juliette is heard in a voice over saying. “That was my stage she collapsed on. That was my boyfriend she was clinging to.” Who she is talking to isn’t clear.

Scarlett appears to be loaded into an ambulance. Avery climbs in as Juliette watches. A brief shot of Rayna on stage in a blouse and slacks is shown and we think she is probably making apologies for having to cancel Scarlett’s appearance or something similar.

The next shot of Scarlett is of her lying in the ambulance looking completed dazed and out of it. In another brief clip, Avery and Scarlett’s mother are beside her, both looking concerned.

Scarlett wakes in a sunlit room as a woman’s hand caresses her face. It is Scarlett’s mother and she explains, “You had a breakdown.” This appears to send Scarlett over the edge again. She looks at her wrists and it appears she is wearing restraints. Scarlett screams “What do you do?” followed by a blood-chilling scream as she clenches her fists and throws her head back.

In other snippets, we see Luke tell Rayna that he loves her but doesn’t think she feels the same way. She looks back but doesn’t respond in the promo. Cut to an outdoor scene where Rayna and Deacon smile at one another while Luke looks on with an angry, jealous expression on his face that says it all.

Avery visits Scarlett in the hospital where he tells her, “You’ve got a permanent piece of my heart.” Juliette, who is standing just outside the room, hears what Avery says. She looks stunned and in the next scene, she is seen, soaking wet and sobbing.

Rayna is seen guiding Scarlett in an outdoor setting. Rayna is fully dressed and wearing a coat while Scarlett is in a hospital gown with no shoes. Did she slip out of the hospital somehow? Back in her hospital room, Scarlett is crying on her bed while pal Zoey comforts her.

In another clip, Juliette approaches Rayna and says she made a mistake signing with Highway 65 Records and she wants to be released form her contract. Meanwhile, Will is seen taking down a video camera mounted in the corner of a room and he doesn’t look any too happy about it. Has someone been spying on him?

A glimpse of Jeff is seen and then Rayna saying, “He wants a war? He’ll get a war.” Then there is a quick glimpse of Juliette taking off her shirt to reveal a sexy teddy but it is unclear who she is with. The final shot is of Juliette saying, “The hits just keep on coming.”

“Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad” is going to air on “Nashville” on Wednesday, April 30 on ABC. Will you be watching?

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