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'Nashville' episode 2x19 gets ‘Crazy’ when Scarlett's toxic mom arrives

'Nashville' episode 2x19 gets ‘Crazy’ when Scarlett's toxic mom arrives
'Nashville' episode 2x19 gets ‘Crazy’ when Scarlett's toxic mom arrives
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It seemed like the whole world had gone “Crazy” when episode 2X19 of “Nashville” aired on ABC on Wednesday, April 2. For one thing, word or Maddie’s parentage was common knowledge and Scarlett’s psycho mom dropped in for a visit.

Maddie’s Parentage Issue and the Fallout

The video Maddie made, using the surname Claiborne, with the help of Luke’s son Colt, was supposedly taken down. However the romantic chat Luke was having with Rayna ab out his feelings for her went back to before she was married to Teddy got interrupted by Rayna’s manager Bucky, calling to tell her the video was still active and to turn on the TV. There on ABC’s morning talk show, “The View,” Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy sat discussing Rayna’s and Deacon’s ‘love child.’ Then they played the clip of Maddie singing. That’s when things got crazy!

Teddy and Tandy come to the house and the adults decide they have to face this head on and go public with their private story. The problem is Rayna can’t locate Deacon and she’s worried he’s started drinking again. She and Luke head for the lake house Deacon owns. When they enter, the place has been trashed and Rayna finds an empty whiskey bottle. A sober Deacon argues that he poured it out and demands to know why they are there. Rayna asks Luke to wait outside.

Rayna begins to light into him about hiding from the world. Thinking she somehow knows about Megan and Teddy, he tells her its none of her business. Finally she explains what’s been happening with their daughter and asks ’what about Megan and Teddy?’ Deacon tells her to ask Teddy herself. He wants to help Maddie but the idea of facing the media as a unified front with Teddy galls him.

Rayna does confront Teddy, who admits he slept with Megan’ and the two of them have a huge fight. Teddy says he is Maddie’s father and Rayna and Deacon are pushing him out with every concert, with every guitar lesson my crating this musical world where he can’t compete. He refuses to step aside for Deacon.

Rayna and Teddy go to the TV station to do an interview with Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America.” They are going to meet this thing head on. Just before they go on the air, a stern Deacon shows up and asks to be part of it. With Teddy and Deacon sitting on either side of Rayna, Robin starts asking questions. Rayna begins answering, but Deacon cuts her off. He admits Maddie is his biological daughter. At the time, and in spite of Rayna trying to get him to clean up his act a number of times, he was alcoholic, no a drunk and in no shape to be a father. When asked about his relationship now, he said he loved her and had a good on and that Teddy and Rayna had done a wonderful job bringing her up.

After the interview, Deacon disappears and fast, leaving Rayna looking concerned. Luke was on hand and watched the whole thing. He told Rayna he would give her some time to be with her family and he’d talk to her later. Out in his car, he punched the head rest and told his driver to take him to the airport. No telling what the airport bit was all about.

Rayna goes out to the lake house again to check on Deacon. They finally have the talk they should have had all along. He tells her she should have told him about Maddie long ago. He understands why she didn’t when she was first pregnant but what about when she was 3 or 10 or anytime. IF Maddie hadn’t found out on her own, he believes Rayna still wouldn’t have told him.

She tries to comfort him by saying he was always part of her life. But he reminds her he didn’t get to ever watch her sleep or comfort her when she was scared. She robbed him of that. He did the interview for Maddie’s sake but he can’t deal with Rayna; he’s too angry and hurt.

He tries to walk away but Rayna has her say. She has had to live with this for years. She had wanted to be his wife, to raise their baby together but he took that away with his drinking. There was no good time to tell him, no good way to upend her daughter’s life. And when he finally found out, what did he do? He got drunk and Rayna nearly died. Point made. The pain they both feel is co clear and yet so is the love they have for one another.

Juliette’s Career and Love Life Collide

Even though Juliette signed with Rayna’s record label, her career is still in a nosedive. Glenn suggests she call on her old friend Charlie Wentworth. He owns a truckload of radio stations and he happens to be in town. In a mature move, Juliette goes to Avery first and asks his permission which he grants. She meets with Charlie and after asking for help, he thinks the gesture is one that is also meant to reopen their relationship. He plants a deeply passionate kiss on her but she pulls back and informs him she is seeing somebody. She is in love with Avery. He says he’ll help anyway.

While soaking in a bubble bath with Avery, she tells him Charlie tried to kiss her and he is not surprised, or angry. This surprises and delights Juliette because Avery trusts her completely Later, when Charlie turns up backstage at Juliette’s concert, Avery and he have words. Just before Scarlett goes on stage, though, Charlie is hitting on her and Avery warns him off. Juliette sees the whole thing and confronts Avery. She wants to know why it was okay that Charlie kissed her but Avery gets bent out of shape when Charlie flirts with Scarlett. Avery reacts to the news that Charlie actually kissed Juliette rather than ‘tried to kiss.’ Other events disrupted this jealous spat before it went any farther.

Gunnar and Zoey

Gunnar receives his first royalty check of over $400,000 and is stunned – so were we! He is determined to spend it on something lavish but can’t decide what until Zoey talks about not having a proper demo. He hires a studio and lets her make a demo. While she is recording, he gets a call from someone who wants to hire his band for a gig. The band is broken up and the guy doesn’t want Gunnar by himself. He is deeply bummed but says nothing to Zoey.

She takes her new head shots and demo to her agent who suggests she go to Los Angeles and try other genres of music. She believes Zoey is going places. She discusses it with Gunnar but he wants her to give Nashville another chance. He offers to support her while she tries to make a go of it but Zoey wants to stand on her own two feet. Later, Gunnar drove past a house that was for sale and seemed to be interested. Stay tuned on this one.

Scarlett’s Past Comes Back to Torment Her

Scarlett’s mom turns up in Chicago where Scarlett and Juliette are performing. She’s the woman Scarlett wrote “Black Roses” about. Her mom acts nicely to her when others are around but goes off the deep end when any little thing upsets her. It is easy to see why Scarlet is such a shrinking violet. Avery is there and he knows Scarlett’s mom so he understands.

When her mom finds out that Deacon, her brother, has a kid, she demands to know if Scarlett knew and why Scarlett didn’t tell her. She grabs her wrists and hurls vile insults at her, forcing Scarlett to cower like a frightened child. When she leaves, Scarlett washes down 3 of those pills she’s been popping.

When Scarlett’s mom takes over the stage during a sound check, Scarlett is livid. She sings “Black Roses” to her and delivers the best version of this song yet. Instead of her mom understanding Scarlett’s pain, she becomes enraged and attacks her daughter backstage.

Scarlett goes to Juliette and without revealing the reasons, asks for the night off. Juliette, not understanding the depth of the situation, tells her ‘This isn’t Dairy Queen. You can’t just get someone to cover your shift.” Scarlett returns to her dressing room and chugs some booze on top of those pills, then staggers to the stage. Avery tries to stop her. That’s when she runs into Charlie and Avery tries to intervene, making Juliette mad. During Avery and Juliette’s brief conversation, Scarlett makes her way onstage and has a complete meltdown before she can even begin singing the first song. Imagining her mother everywhere in the audience, she is reduced to a sniveling heap hiding under the piano. Cells phones are capturing the whole thing. Juliette is stunned and Avery runs out onto the stage to get her. It seems this is more than just booze and pills. Perhaps Scarlett is having the mental breakdown brought on by years of emotional and physical abuse from her mother. Will she recover?

“Nashville” airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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