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Nashville couple in serious accident using social media to find their lost dogs

Claire has been spotted serveral times in the Cullman area. No one has seen Molly. Please help to find these dogs.
Help Find Molly and Claire FB

Olivia and Seth Hatfield were driving home on June 29 to Nashville, after having attended a family reunion in Alabama, and were involved in a serious automobile accident on I-65 near Dothan, Ala. Seth only suffered minor injuries, however Olivia was injured and is currently in a Birmingham hospital in serious condition and currently in a coma.

The family's two dogs had been in the car, but ran off and have not yet been recovered. According to, a family friend, Elliot Thomas decided to use social media to help the couple find their beloved dogs named Molly and Claire. An outpouring of volunteers and donations, helping the couple with their search of their dogs and for Olivia, happened almost immediately.

Claire is described as a black and white mixed breed; perhaps resembling a pit bull type, and Molly is a Weimaraner mix. Only Claire has been spotted, but she is extremely scared and has eluded all efforts to be captured. Molly has not been seen. The dogs are suspected to be in the area of Cullamn off of I-65 near mile marker 299.

A Facebook page, Help Find Molly and Claire has already garnered over 2,700 members. The group has grown so large that Thomas has divided the page into specific categories to help:

* OFFICIAL THREAD: Sightings of Molly & Claire, Leads, etc.


* OFFICIAL THREAD: Prayers, Well-Wishes, Encouragement, etc.
* OFFICIAL THREAD: Media Suggestions/Connections

* OFFICIAL THREAD: Suggestions for Trapping & Tracking

Thomas wants to have the dogs back when Olivia wakes up. If anyone has seen either of these dogs, please call (585)-752-1700 or (256)-507-1868.

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