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Nashville classic cinema this week: the Oscar series begins at Belcourt

"Wings" screens as part of the Oscar Picks series at Belcourt
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This week’s repertory screenings in Nashville is highlighted by the premiere of a new series at the Belcourt Theatre, celebrating Academy Award winners to coincide with Oscar season. The series kicks off with an all-new 4K digital restoration of the very first Best Picture winner, 1927’s “Wings,” directed by William Wellman. The Oscar Picks series will run every weekend in January and February.

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Also starting this week is the Regal Cinemas Classic Film Series, every Sunday and Wednesday at Opry Mills.

Two classic cult films will be playing at Cult Fiction Underground this week: Kinji Fukasaku’s hyperviolent classic “Battle Royale,” as well as David Cronenberg’s bizarre cult sci-fi/horror/social critique “Videodrome,” starring James Woods. This week’s midnight movie at the Belcourt Theatre is the excellent comedy “Mean Girls,” written by Tina Fey and starring Lindsay Lohan.

A complete list of this week's repertory screenings is below.. The descriptions are taken from the screeners' respective websites, which you can click on below:

The Belcourt Theatre

Cult Fiction Underground at Logue's Black Raven Emporium

Regal Cinemas Classic Film Series

Are you screening classic films in the middle Tennessee area? If so, drop me a line, and I'll add you to this weekly feature. To keep track of repertory screenings in the Nashville area, subscribe to the Nashville Classic Cinema Examiner today.






Big - 2:00pm and 7:00pm at Opry Mills - Tom Hanks stars in the classic tale of a boy who wakes up one day in a man's body.




Battle Royale - 8PM and 10PM at Cult Fiction Underground - Hey, look: I got no beef at all with THE HUNGER GAMES. I'm just saying: a) BATTLE ROYALE did it first, gruesomer, meaner, and better, and b) why develop such a complicated backstory to weed out a bunch of stupid weiner kids? Just put 'em on an island and let 'em go! Also? Beat Takeshi is a BOSS. -jack

Mean Girls - 11:59PM at Belcourt - Cady (Lindsay Lohan), raised by her anthropologist parents in sub-Saharan Africa, now finds herself having to navigate the treacherous terrain of American high school, and in particular the shifting loyalties and objectives of a trio of presiding girls. Mathletics, subterfuge, and an ethically-induced riot all ensue in Tina Fey's feature screenwriting debut.


Videodrome - 8pm and 10pm at Cult Fiction Underground -'m not gonna lie to you, kids: me and Anthony and Mike saw BLONDIE at the RYMAN a little while back, and the whole time through, I was kind of wondering where she was going to pull a videotape and/or a pistol from. Because... you know... you kinda want to know these things in advance.

So you know it's from CRONENBERG, and you know he's kind of my FAVORITE... so... yeah, you'll be there, right?


Wings - Time TBA at the Belcourt Theatre - Part of Oscar Picks.

“It Girl” Clara Bow loves Buddy Rogers, but Buddy—and buddy Richard Arlen—loves planes. All get their fill when the U.S. of A. enters WWI. The very first Best Picture Academy Award-winner (then called “Most Outstanding Production”) is a super-spectacle, with hair-raising aerial footage matched with massive battle recreations—its authenticity guaranteed by real life Great War flyboy vets Wellman, Arlen, and screenwriter John Monk Saunders—and a star-making cameo by Gary Cooper. This all-new 4K digital (DCP) restoration, created to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures, incorporates the film’s original 1927 score by John Stepan Zamecnik, color tinting (and a re-creation of its “Handschiegl” color effects, originally stenciled right onto the prints), and sound effects authentically re-created by Oscar-winning sound designer Ben Burtt (E.T., STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, etc., etc.)

Mean Girls - 11:59PM at Belcourt


Wings - Time TBA at the Belcourt Theatre

The Princess Bride - 2:00pm at Opry Mills

Mystery Movie - 7pm at Cult Fiction Underground

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