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Nashville classic cinema this week: 'Ms. 45' highlights a great week

'Ms. 45' screens at the Belcourt this week.
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Regal Cinemas Classic Series continues this week at Opry Mills. Wednesday brings a screening of Rob Reiner’s classic fantasy-comedy “The Princess Bride,” while Sunday brings showings of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Regal Crown Club members can receive credits for attending the screenings; scroll down below for more information.

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On Wednesday and Thursday, the Belcourt will be screening of Abel Ferrara’s cult classic “Ms. 45,” which was remastered and re-released this year by Drafthouse Films. Wednesday’s 8:10pm screening will be introduced by Lisa Williams, instructor of English and women’s studies at Middle Tennessee State University. Next weekend, the Belcourt will be screening the original theatrical cut of “Donnie Darko” as its midnight movie.

Cult Fiction Underground brings it as always, with a pair of great films. Friday brings a screening of “The Raid: Redemption,” one of the best action films in recent years, while Saturday brings a screening of Brian DePalma’s early musical (!), “Phantom of the Paradise.”

A complete list of this week's repertory screenings is below.. The descriptions are taken from the screeners' respective websites, which you can click on below:

The Belcourt Theatre

Cult Fiction Underground at Logue's Black Raven Emporium

Regal Cinemas Classic Film Series

Are you screening classic films in the middle Tennessee area? If so, drop me a line, and I'll add you to this weekly feature. To keep track of repertory screenings in the Nashville area, subscribe to the Nashville Classic Cinema Examiner today.






Princess Bride - 2:00pm and 7:00 pm at Opry Mills

Come experience these classic movie favorites on the Big Screen!

Tickets for the Classic Film Series are on sale now for participating theatres. Showtimes for each Classic Film are 2:00 p.m. on Sundays and both 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Regal Crown Club members receive 50 extra credits for seeing any three films in the series and 100 extra credits for seeing all six. Extra credits will be awarded at the conclusion of the series. Through the industry-leading Regal Crown Club, patrons accumulate credits with each purchase at the box office and concession stand. Rewards include free popcorn, soft drinks and movies. Free membership is available at every Regal Entertainment Group theatre.

AARP members age 50 and above can enjoy a senior discount on admissions to the Classic Film Series!

Mrs. 45 - 8:10 and 10:05 at Belcourt Theatre - Abel Ferrara’s 1981 revenge thriller classic follows a mute garment-district seamstress— played by the late model/actress/musician/screenwriter Zoë Lund—who after falling victim to multiple unspeakable assaults, ignites her one-woman homicidal rampage against New York City’s entire male population. Now remastered from the original negative materials, MS. 45 returns to theaters uncut for the first time in North America, courtesy of our pals at Drafthouse Films.


Mrs. 45 - 8:10 and 10:05 at Belcourt Theatre


The Raid: Redemption - 8pm and 10pm at Cult Fiction Underground - Uh muh guh... this movie was blowing my mind for a full year before I saw it, just from the previews that kept coming out. And it could never live up to them... until it totally did. It's like a video game in the best possible way -- 30 levels of all-out, non-stop mayhem leading up to an amazing boss battle. An Indonesian SWAT team finds itself in a full-out war inside the apartment building fortress of a giant drug kingpin, and has to fight their way ever-upward with no backup and dwindling numbers and resources. Y'all. Seriously. Tell a buddy; bring a friend. -jack

Donnie Darko - 11:59 at the Belcourt - In form an 80s teen film, though in execution a delicate sci-fi narrative grounded in theoretical physics, DONNIE DARKO is the story of a 15-year-old with some serious emotional problems. When a jet engine falls from the sky into his room, the universe begins winding down, and only our titular paranoid schizophrenic can save the universe from the end of all things. With its original theatrical version out of circulation since its 2001 release, we are pleased to present DONNIE DARKO in its proper incarnation.


You Can't Take It With You - TBA at the Belcourt Theatre - Eight years before IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra teamed up in this adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play that would pick up Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director. Tony (Jimmy Stewart) is the son of a millionaire, and Alice (Jean Arthur) and her wacky family live in a house that's in the way of the senior Kirby's construction project. Will an office building literally stand in the way of true love?

Phantom of the Paradise - 8pm and 10pm at Cult Fiction Underground - Before CARRIE, SCARFACE, UNTOUCHABLES, or even RAISING CAIN, Brian De Palma cut his teeth on this gem - a rock-n-roll take on the Phantom of the Opera story which is at least as rockin' and silly as ROCKY HORROR. All the crazy De Palma camera stunts? A flaming rock god ripe for a takedown? A Phantom in a space-age helmet with metal teeth, creating his masterpiece for the greatest rock theater ever? And songs by Paul Freakin' Williams? Oh yes, my friend, it's all there. And don't even think I won't be wearing my Death Records t-shirt. -jack

Donnie Darko - 11:59 at the Belcourt


You Can't Take It With You - TBA at Belcourt Theatre

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - 2:00pm

Mystery Movie - 7pm at Cult Fiction Underground

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