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'Nashville' Cast Teaches People's Jess Cagle How to Act

One of our favorite shows to watch each week on our Nashville TV would have to be the 'Nashville' TV show which will soon be starting it's third season. The new season begins on Wednesday, September 24, on the ABC Network and we look for some interesting twists and turns as the show goes forward with all it's ups and downs and daily changes that we see coming.

Recording Artist Chip Esten performs at The Grand Ole Opry on June 7, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images

In the attached video titled 'Nashville' Cast Teaches People's Jess Cagle How to Act' we see the fun side of some of the actors on the weekly television show, as they really get into trying to show Jess Cagle from People's Magazine just how each of them would portray the scene that he's in for the show.

From the gruff to the funny, and almost half-silly methods of some of our favorite actors and actresses in the show, it makes them seem more real and more reachable than what we perhaps thought if we only saw them on the big screen, and not seeing each of them as real people who are only acting a part for a television show.

One of the favorite characters on the 'Nashville' TV show is Chip Esten who plays and really seems to 'get into' the part of 'Deacon' as a striving musician and singer-songwriter in this town of Nashville. It seems sometimes that if it weren't for bad luck, Deacon wouldn't have any luck at all. We've seen him with Rayna James, to start with, then he even had a 'fling' with Juliette Barnes, then on to a new girlfriend, an attorney who ended up cheating on him with no less than the ex-husband of Deacon's main girlfriend, Rayna.

We enjoyed watching the attached video and hope you do too, and also the slideshow of some photos of Chip Esten from the show as he performs on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Leave us a note and let us know how excited you are for the new season of 'Nashville'.

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