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‘Nashville’: Aubrey Peeples teases Layla’s next move against Juliette

‘Nashville’: Aubrey Peeples teases Layla’s next move against Juliette
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Layla Grant arrived in “Nashville” and seems to be one of the few people who can get under Juliette Barnes’s skin. In a Jan. 22 post on Hollywood Life, Aubrey Peeples who plays the fiendish Layla spoke about what’s coming next. There are Layla spoilers ahead so read on at your own risk.

According to Peeples, Layla is really a good girl hiding in bad girl clothing. She explained that while there is some meanness to her, she uses it as a defense mechanism. “She’s still a little girl, but the audience will soon see how she was forced to grow up. I think, or at least I hope, it’ll provide a lot of empathy for her,” Peeples said.

She is looking forward to the moment of revelation when the audience finds out who Layla really is inside.

So what’s next in the feud between Layla and Juliette? Peeples shared some of the scoop there, too.

By leaking word of Juliette’s affair with Charlie Wentworth to the press, Layla started Juliette’s life snowballing out of control. As a direct result of the media frenzy over the affair, Juliette was then misquoted as saying she didn’t believe in God, causing a new hailstorm of fan fury.

Juliette was forced to ask Layla for help since Layla was a witness to what was really said. This is a big deal given the hostility between the two women. Layla begrudgingly steps up and does the right thing.

Peeples said “She asked Layla for help, which is a big deal because they’re enemies. The top dog is going to the underdog for help, and that theme will continue to play through future episodes. We’ll see how Layla handles that; she tries to put on her big-girl pants.”

At least it is good to know the two actresses are friendly toward one another when the cameras are turned off. Peeples says the whole cast is like a big family and she feels very welcome there.

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