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‘Nashville’ 2X16 ‘Guilty Street’ Rayna fires Liam, hires Juliette, Megan cheats

Things are changing swiftly on 'Nashville'
Things are changing swiftly on 'Nashville'
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Big things happened in this week’s episode of “Nashville.” Juliette finds a new work place to call home while Liam is left looking for one. Deacon and Megan are about to have serious trouble while Avery and Juliette get through a bumpy patch and Rayna is cracking the whip all over town in “Guilty Street.” ABC aired episode 2X16 on Wednesday, March 5.

Juliette and Avery

Juliette is being wooed by all the big record labels but she has her doubts about whether or not she’ll be happy outside of country music. While she and Avery are dinner, Jeff sends over a $10,000 bottle of champagne which Juliette promptly returns in person, slamming the bottle on the table hard enough to pop the cork and make the expensive bubbly spray all over the place.

Jeff then visits her in her home and sees all the fruit baskets and gifts from other labels. He apologizes for firing her and offers to publicly apologize and take her back. He offers a lucrative contract with a little something extra – a producing contract for Avery, too.

She is tickled with the offer but Avery isn’t. He reminds her that no matter how many zeroes Jeff puts on the check, he will never respect Juliette. Avery is feeling a little like a kept man and is tired of Juliette paying for everything. He doesn’t want to ride her coattails. Eventually she sees this and turns down the offer from Edgehill because Avery’s respect means more to her than any music contract.

Megan and Deacon

Deacon is going back out on the road and Megan is worried about the temptations. He assures her he is fine, mostly because he has her in his corner. He attends an AA meeting in Virginia and tells his story and runs into an old friend. They hang out for a few hours and she asks what he’s doing after the show as she suggestively rubs his hand. He politely declines because he has someone waiting for him back home. Good boy!

Megan on the other hand, fails miserably. Teddy discovers medication Peggy was taking is for post-miscarriage treatment and does the math. She lost the baby before he ever married her. He drowns his sorrows in the bottle and calls Megan. She takes him for a drive to the spot where she used to go to find peace after her husband was murdered. Deacon calls her but she is oblivious because she and Teddy are going at it in the car at lookout point like a couple of teenagers. When Deacon calls, she looks guilty but smiles and pretends everything is fine. This is going to tear him up.

Avery Gunnar and Zoe

Remember the new band the three of them were so anxious to start? Seems like Avery is having second thoughts. Whether he is just upset about Juliette’s career and her paying for everything or something else, he just doesn’t seem interested anymore. He is put out when Gunnar books a gig without checking with him and blows off a rehearsal. He does show up for the gig but he and Gunnar almost come to blows before they go on stage. The performance goes off well but the fate of the band is still up in the air.

Will and Layla

Layla’s single isn’t doing great and Jeff is dodging her phone calls. Will, whom she is sleeping with again, tries to be supportive and promotes her and her record during a radio interview. Jeff calls him and tells him not to because Layla is basically done – she’s had her chance according to Jeff. She hears the whole conversation and Will comforts her. Their sex life isn’t going very well either. Seems either Will is too fast for Layla or he’s unable to complete the mission and she wonders if it’s her lack of experience. Oh baby – wait till she finds out what it really is.

Scarlett, Liam and Rayna

Scarlett and Liam are still making beautiful music together in and out of the studio, well, mostly in because that’s where it seems they do both. Rayna walks in and catches them in an embrace. In a private chat with Scarlett, Rayna learns the girl is smitten with Liam. Rayna sees Liam privately and at first he laughs off her concerns as jealousy. Then he tells her she should know how it is. She does but Scarlett is her only bankable star and she won’t handle this break up well. She’s mad because she trusted him to handle Scarlett with kid gloves and he took advantage of a sweet, vulnerable kid. She fires him and he doesn’t put up a fight.

Scarlett arrives at the studio to find Liam loading his stuff in a car. He hasn’t been returning her calls. He says he’s going to Tokyo to work with a new band and has no idea when he’ll be back. Whether he cared about her or not isn’t clear but he tells her this is how things are done, no hard feelings.

Scarlett tells Rayna later that she feels like an idiot. Still Liam brought out all these things in her and her music. Rayna informs her that those things were there all along and Scarlett just needs to believe in herself.

Rayna, Tandy, Luke and Juliette

Tandy has been bouncing checks all over town. Rayna has had to clean up the mess and eat a little crow in doing it. She tells Tandy she is done with her, with family because they can’t be trusted. Tandy pleads for another chance. Then they learn another artist who might have signed with Highway 65 signed elsewhere because of the money problems. All Rayna has left is Juliette. Luke offers an infusion of cash but Rayna doesn’t want to put that burden on their relationship.

Enter Juliette. She asks for a sit down with Rayna and asks if Rayna respects her. Jules reminds Rayna that Rayna called Juliette’s Opry performance brave. She asks if Rayna will be brave and give her a musical home. She needs a label, a place where she can be herself musically. Rayna agrees and a new partnership is born.

“Nashville” airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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