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'Nashville' 2x18 sneak peek: Rayna will have big trouble at home

Maddie will reveal a huge family secret on Nashville.
Photo by Rick Diamond

Rayna James has a wild child on her hands, and that will become even more clear on the next episode. On March 24, Spoilers Guide shared a new sneak peek for "Nashville" episode 2x18 titled "Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down." The sneak peek features Connie Britton and Lennon Stella.

Maddie will make a huge move on this week's episode. She will share a video that tells the world about her true parentage. Yes, she wants to be known as Maddie Clayborne. Rayna will not be happy about this move at all. The sneak peek shows the mother pulling her daughter aside and telling her exactly how she feels about the video.

Her daughter doesn't seem to care though. She is proud to be Deacon's daughter. Rayna has tried to keep the identity of Maddie's true father secret, but she won't be able to do that any longer with Maddie telling the world.

Maddie and Rayna's problems won't be the only mother and daughter trouble seen on the series. A music video showing off new footage was also released by ABC for the episode. The video is for Scarlett's song about her mother. Fans will see her mother appear on an episode set for April.

What do you think? Should Maddie have kept the fact that she is Deacon's daughter a secret?

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