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'Nashville' 2X14 recap: Lamar dies, Rayna won’t cry, Juliette heads for L.A.

Glenn knows this won't work for him
Glenn knows this won't work for him
Photo by YouTube (Screen Capture)

Nashville” returned last night after a brief hiatus and we learned that Lamar did indeed die but Rayna wouldn’t cry for her daddy and that Juliette did head off to Los Angeles to check out a new career. How all of those worked out was dramatic as ever and reported by TV Recaps on Feb. 27.

'Nashville' 2X14 recap: Lamar dies, Rayna won’t cry, Juliette heads for L.A.
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

Lamar’s Death

Teddy, who stood by and let the man die, goes to find Rayna and break the bad news to her. She in turn summons Tandy to her house and drops the bomb on her. Tandy falls apart while Rayna goes on about making funeral arrangements. When Tandy returns with possible clothes for Lamar to wear for his services, Rayna could care less. She snipes at Tandy every chance she gets and reminds her that Lamar was a murderer. Even when Deacon calls and then stops by, she insists she’s fine and that she has no grief over the man.

The funeral is small and private. Teddy, Deacon and even Juliette are there. One by one, the mourners drop a rose on his casket but not Rayna. She is stoic and unyielding.

Later, she returns to Lamar’s house and ends up in his office. As she pours herself a drink, her eyes fall on the photo frames of her parents and childhood pictures. She flings the glass and sweeps the photos of the table with a thunderous crash complimented by her wails. Teddy and Tandy coming running in and Rayna is sitting on the floor, finally sobbing. Through her painful sobs she says. “It's gotta stop. All the lying.” Tandy covers her mouth and begins to cry as she watches Rayna just come apart at the seams.

Juliette’s Career

Juliette’s new song, “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet,” caught the attention of some music moguls out west and she is invited to visit Los Angeles for a chance to redo the song with a full orchestra. The song is well received by a few other industry professionals and Howie V, the man behind Juliette’s potential new career, wants to do a photo shoot that will land her on the cover of Rolling Stone. The makeup and costume have her looking a bit like a Lady Gaga knockoff and Glenn is out of his element. When Howie V tries to send Glenn for coffee like some kind of errand boy, that’ the last straw.

Glenn tells Juliette he wishes her the best, always has, but can’t be part of this. She tries to talk him out of quitting but he doesn’t belong in L.A. with this crowd. Howie V tells Juliette she needs a “New look, new home, new you, right?" That includes "Gotta strip that country twang out of your voice, and the transformation will be complete," he tells her. You can just see her stiffen and grow icy as he says this.

Juliette returns to Nashville to attend Lamar’s funeral for Rayna. Afterwards she sees Glenn and tells him "They all want me to be somebody I'm not. You are the only person who's stood by my choice to be myself." Welcome home, Juliette.

Avery, Gunnar and Zoe

The trio of friends is now officially becoming a band. Yes, that’s right. They accept a non-paying gig with Deacon at a little joint outside of town and are a hit. The next night at the Bluebird, Deacon gives up his spot to them as a surprise and again, they are well received. After the impromptu performance, they discuss it and decide to become their own band. It’s about time!


Liam tries to put the moves on her as though we didn’t expect this. She brushes him off and heads home where she learns Deacon will be performing at the Bluebird. She watches from outside as her 2 former beaus and her former best friend are slamming it on stage while Deacon is all cozy, chatting up Juliette. She feels like she doesn’t belong here anymore. Scarlett returns to the studio where she takes a nap on the couch. Liam comes in and wakes her. They discuss the loneliness of the lives they’re leading and this time Scarlett puts the moves on Liam. He offers a tepid rejection but then dives in, full speed ahead.


After telling Rayna about her dad’s death, Teddy is back at work as the mayor. Megan stops by and they conclude their business as attorney and client. Later in the show, though, Teddy can’t take it and his guilty conscience compels him to confess to Megan that he stood by and let Lamar die. Why he did that remains to be seen as does the outcome. What will Megan do with the information? She returns home and slips in bed with Deacon who talks about Lamar and going to the funeral. She remains hush-hush on what she knows but the wheels are clearly turning in the pretty head.

“Nashville” airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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