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'Nashville' 2x12 preview: Deacon and Rayna team up again

Will things heat up for Rayna and Deacon again?
Will things heat up for Rayna and Deacon again?
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"Nashville" is getting ready to return to ABC, and fans are now being given a look at another new episode, "Nashville" episode 2x12 titled "Just For What I Am." On Wednesday, Jan. 8, Spoilers Guide shared the photos and details released for the episode.

Rayna will look to Deacon for help on this episode, and this will bring the couple closer together once again. She needs a hit song for her new album, and she asks him to help her write it. The two were a couple when they last wrote together, so it will definitely bring back some old memories for the pair. He is dating someone new though. Rayna's status is unclear. Fans will have to tune in to find out if Luke Wheeler gave her the boot when the show returns.

As for Scarlett, she will perform on stage with Zac Brown, and her career is taking off. However, the price of fame for this singer might be an early burn out. Is Scarlett really cut out for a career on stage? Or is she better behind the scenes writing great songs for other people to perform? With how Scarlett reacted to her time on stage during the first half of the season, it might be better for her to stick to writing. She did warm up to it near the end though.

"Nashville" will return to ABC on Wednesday night.

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