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Nashicon 2014 is welcoming some first time guests

Nashicon is held in Columbia, South Carolina over the weekend of April 19 and 20. Held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, this convention was grown each year since its days when it was held at the local University. It will be the convention's seventh year and pre-registration is open now at $15 for the weekend.

Guests have started to be announced and include:

Robert Axelrod has appeared in over thirty feature films including four with Charles Bronson, the Sci-Fi hit remake “The Blob” with Kevin Dillon and many others. Television appearances include guest star roles on “Amazing Stories”, “Star Trek Voyager”, “Tim And Eric’s Awesome Show”, and “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers“. He also starred in the Michael Jackson music video “Stranger in Moscow”, and is in the soon-to-be-released horror dark comedy, “The Revenant”.

Mr. Axelrod is also a busy voice over artist. He is the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster on the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. The Lord Zedd voice is one of the most recognizable character voices around. He voiced Armadillomon and Wizardmon on “Digimon”, Microchip, The Punisher’s sidekick, on “Spiderman”, Rico on “Robotech”, and has voiced countless Anime features including “Akira”, “The Big O”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Brain Scratch”, et al. As Lord Zedd, he starred in both the first Power Rangers feature film and the wildly popular live show that toured the country.

K-Murdock is best known for being one half of the progressive hip-hop tandem Panacea, K, along with the group’s emcee Raw Poetic, has rocked shows all over the United States; Sharing the stage with legends like Brand Nubian & Rahzel of The Roots to new schoolers Little Brother, Lupe Fiasco & J-Live. K-Murdock’s self-proclaimed “Neosonic” (new-sound) productions have taken shape over the last decade and helped K garner respect from his contemporaries to some of K’s personal influences- DJ Spinna, Thes One (of People Under The Stairs) & Omm’as Keith (of The Sa-Ra Creative Partners).

Sean McGuinness is known commonly as That Godzilla Guy, a celebrated and multi-nominated artist who interjects his collection of giant monsters and robots into photographs and established works of art that he calls Godzillafications. A University of South Carolina graduate, Sean has been featured in numerous local publications, art shows, magazines and museum appearances. His works vary from political and social commentary to random acts of kaiju madness, and can be found on his website at

Thor Thorvaldson works in many different areas of comic and video game-related art, most recently as an artist/designer to some of Nerdcore’s most popular stars, including Random a.k.a. Mega Ran (covers and interior art for ‘Blur Bomber’, ‘Mega Ran 10’, ‘Mega Ran 5th Anniversary Edition’, ‘Ghouls and Ghosts 2’, ‘Splash Woman’ t-shirt design), Richie Branson (cover art for ‘From Guardia With Love’ and ‘Ghouls and Ghosts 2’), Adam WarRock (‘Middle of Nowhere’ tour poster art), Beefy (cover art for ‘The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Vampire Hunter’ and ‘Grown Up’), K-Murdock (t-shirt art for ‘Player 2’ and ‘Epoch’) and Tribe One (t-shirt art for ‘Single Player’), among others.

For more information on Nashicon, visit their website at:

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