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NASCAR's Jeff Gordon pulls another test drive video prank

Jeff Gordon and Pepsi have done it again. The four time NASCAR champion and his sponsor have teamed up to make another viral video showing Gordon behind the wheel in a purported prank.

Jeff Gordon is behind the wheel in his latest prank.

Last March a video titled “Test Drive” featuring a disguised Gordon allegedly pranking a car salesmen hit the Internet. In the video Gordon supposedly takes the unsuspecting salesman on a wild stunt filled ride in a Chevrolet Camaro. In didn’t take long for the truth to come out: The video was staged, the driving done by a stunt driver and everyone including the car salesman were in on the prank.

Tuesday another video was released. In the newest video Gordon, this time disguised as a convict, pulls a prank on an unsuspecting automotive journalist who had questioned the authenticity of the original "Test Drive." A Chevy Caprice is made up to look like a cab. With Gordon behind the wheel the cab picks up the journalist at a hotel. Not long after the cab is pulled over by the highway patrol and it isn’t long before a chase through an abandoned industrial park is underway. The “chase” ends in a building where the prank is revealed.

Although there is no confirmation at this point, “Test Drive 2” seems much more authentic than “Test Drive”. The newest video appears to have no stunt driver in the cab, and the reaction from the journalist seems genuine and in fact quite entertaining.

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