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NASCAR fans don’t miss ‘Motor City Masters’ this week on Tru-TV

Just in case you did not know, “Motor City Masters,” is the competition show on Tru-TV hosted by Brooke Burns and sponsored by Chevrolet and Tru-TV. This design competition started out with ten designers searching for the next top automotive designer. With the team down to five designers, this week they will be treated to a surprise visit to NASCAR track Fontana Speedway and will spend the day with driver A.J. Allmendinger, who drives Chevy car #47. He tells them to check out the cars, look inside and outside for inspiration.

The competition of car designers, will send another designer home as they search for the next great designer from the team of Chevrolet and Tru-TV. The designers who are still in the competition are; Darcy, the only female, and Camilo, Shane, Bryan and Jameson. Tomorrow night they will find the need for speed, while crafting a computer rendering of a new vehicle using the inspiration of General Motor’s SS model racecar used in NASCAR.

The host is actress and television personality Brooke Burns, whose credits include several television shows and hosting game shows including The Chase. The regular judges each week are Jean Jennings, former editor of Automobile Magazine who has been writing about cars for over thirty years. Harald Belker world-renowned automotive designer of the Mercedes-Benz team that created the Smart Car and several movie cars including the Batmobile.

The guest judge on this episode of “Motor City Masters,” is sure to be someone all NASCAR fans will immediately recognize, so tune in Tuesday night at 10 p.m.

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