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NASCAR Completely Revamps Championship Rules

As we tuned in to watch the NASCAR event for today, we thought about some of the early NASCAR races we saw here locally in Nashville, which were sponsored by NASCAR at the local Nashville sports facility, the Nashville Speedway. That track is now known as the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway as for a few years we had another motorsports racing facility here in town and to keep the two tracks clear in everyone's mind, the new one (now defunct) was titled the Nashville Super Speedway. Not a lot of racing has been going on in the Nashville region in the last few years, with both the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway and the other local track, the Highland Rim Speedway, changing hands and we are not sure at the moment about the outcome of either track for the 2014 motorsports racing season in middle Tennessee. Times have certainly changed and along with that, we would expect some of the rules to change, too.

Now we see that some of the old NASCAR rules are changing and we have found a video which we can show our readers about some of those changes, titled 'NASCAR Completely Revamps Championship Rules'.

After you watch the video, leave us notes to let us know your thoughts. Thanks for tuning us in, and happy racing to you!

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