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NASCAR Charlie White and Meryl Davis booed at Pure Michigan 400

Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Meryl Davis and Charlie White
Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Charlie White and Meryl Davis are amazing ice skaters and fans fell in love with both of them on "Dancing With the Stars" this last season. On Sunday, Yahoo shared about how these two ended up getting booed at the Pure Michigan 400 NASCAR race. That is obviously not what they had planned to happen.

They were not singing or anything crazy. Charlie and Meryl were actually the grand marshals of the race which shouldn't have been a big deal. They are both from Michigan and the race was there. Charlie said, "Gentlemen" and then Meryl said "start your engines." They said it so quiet that everyone was not happy. They then started to boo them.

Charlie and Meryl should have been just fine, but they were not near excited enough at the Pure Michigan 400. Charlie said his part okay but a bit quiet. Meryl was extremely quiet though and then Charlie even laughed a bit kind of like he didn't know what to do.

In the past, James Franco had a start that didn't go over well. He yelled out pretty loud, but said, "Gentlemen and Danica start your engines!" After both of these times going so bad, they may think twice about who they end up deciding to have say these very important words at the races. Maybe they should coach them ahead of time on the best way to do it.

Meryl Davis went to Twitter about it, but acted like it went great. She simply shared that she had a great time at the race. Meryl even retweeted something about them being the grand marshals. It looks like things are going great for her and she won't be letting this event get her down.