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NASCAR amends green-white-checker rule

NASCAR made an announcement on Thursday that it hopes will go a long way in making sure that races end under green. Previously, NASCAR would make one attempt at a green-white-checker finish. If a caution came out after that first attempt, a race would simply end under caution.

"We want to do all we can to finish our races under green flag conditions," NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said.

NASCAR has changed the number of attempts from one to a maximum of three.

"We felt that putting a cap at three attempts to finish the race under green is the way to go," Pemberton said. "It gives the fans what they want, and it also gives the teams a better opportunity to prepare for their end of race strategy."

With the increase in possible attempts, races will be less likely to end under caution, and the cap of three will prevent races from going on and on, throwing a monkey wrench, if you will, into race strategy by adding a significant number of laps to a race's scheduled distance.

Prior to the green-white-checker rule being introduced in the Sprint Cup and Nationwide series several years ago, it was already utilized in the Camping World Truck Series. When use of the rule spread to the other two series, the one attempt only feature was added. When it was only utilized in the Truck Series, there was no limit on the number of attempts made.

To rule change takes effect immediately and may be utilized during today's Gatorade Duel races.

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