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‘NASCAR 14’ will have ‘Great sense of speed’

Check out these screens from NASCAR 14
Check out these screens from NASCAR 14
Deep Silver

NASCAR will be back and better than ever in 2014 according to Ed Martin, Eutechnyx North American Executive Vice President, the developer behind the upcoming current generation racing simulator from Deep Silver.

With just a few weeks before the game’s release, Martin said the game’s realism is one of its key ingredients and while current generation graphical limitations may have ensured the game looked a certain way, the development team is happy with the games look, but even more delighted with the gameplay engine and the realism in every race.

“There’s a great sense of speed in the game. We do it by hitting as many of your senses as we can – audio, force-feedback and graphics. We do ‘cheat’ in certain areas to enhance the sense of speed. For example, if you ever counted the actual fence posts at any given track in the real world, you’ll find that our in-game tracks have more… because in your peripheral vision, the more vertical objects you pass, the faster it seems,” Martin told Examiner in an exclusive interview.

“But the reality is that even in a real car, the sense of speed isn’t what you imagine when you’re sitting at home. If you’re going down the highway, 80 or 90 doesn’t feel much faster than 50 or 60… ESPECIALLY when the other cars around you are going the same speed. So yes, you are going 200 MPH down the back stretch at Atlanta… but so are Jimmie Johnson and 41 other cars,” Martin said. “So it’s the environment around you that gives you that sense of speed. Oh and if you miss a brake point or if there’s a wreck, you’ll sure notice it in the closing speed to the cars on front of you.”

NASCAR 14” is set for a February 18 release on the XBOX 360, PLayStation 3 and PC, via Steam.

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