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‘NASCAR 14’ developer on what makes the game ‘Special’

With new generation consoles arriving this past holiday season, game developers working on current generation titles know they have to put or shut up in order to keep their communities alive and thriving.

‘NASCAR 14’ developer on what makes the game ‘Special’
Deep Silver

Deep Silver and Eutechnyx know that their current endeavor, “NASCAR 14,” has to offer more features and options than they have in previous years. Otherwise, there’s nothing stopping gamers from playing a better-looking racing title on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Built with the A.I. and realism being the highest priority, Eutechnyx said they know what NASCAR fans want. With the implementation of online leagues added to the realistic feel, Eutechnyx thinks they have delivered a title that will satisfy both NASCAR enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

“One of the challenges with sports games in general is that you can only do so much to replicate the sport; no NASCAR fan is going to be happy if we start adding in things ‘that aren’t NASCAR,” Ed Martin, Eutechnyx’s North America Executive Vice President told Examiner in an exclusive interview. “But there are two big areas that we’ve played with in ‘NASCAR ’14.’

“The first area is online. We’ve added the #1 requested feature - online leagues. And we also have added dynamic skill matching to online races. So, you will end up racing against people of similar skill and experience. That makes it better and broader for everyone. The second area is NASCAR Highlights. It’s the next evolution of the telemetry features. We take the best, most exciting or most controversial moments of the races and drop the player into the exact moment with every detail replicated. So all of us ‘arm chair quarterbacks’ that love to talk about ‘what if?’ will now have the ability to really experience the moment and see what we can do to change it (or not).”

“NASCAR 14” is set for a February 18 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, via Steam.

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