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Canine Nasal Cancer - Natural Health Care

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Roxie with Nasal Cancer & How Alternative Therapy plays a huge role

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Roxie: The dog: A letter from the Dog Mom

In June 2012 our then 15-year old Australian Shepherd Dexter was diagnosed with maxillary osteosarcoma. We had a partial mandibulectomy done and were recommended nothing else but palliative chemotherapy and radiation. The oncologist and dental/oral surgeon were in unison that this would stall the tumor from coming back for a while. But re-occurrence was a given since the necropsy of removed tissue showed dirty margins. I was told that this method of treatment would give us 3-5 months with our beloved boy.

I couldn't accept that, since the surgery almost killed out boy and I was sure that there was a vet out there treating our family members the "gentle way". I researched high and low until I found our guardian angel in form of an integrative veterinarian in Ashburn, VA, a skilled medical practitioner that utilizes cutting-edge diagnostics and medical treatments, but also offers a more subtle, holistic treatment choice. I had found the BEST of both worlds.

Our new veterinarian re-examined Dexter and figured out a protocol that we followed till the last day of his life. The tumor came back, but we had our baby-boy for almost one year longer than predicted. His quality of life was amazing. He enjoyed his life until the last day before his passing. And we had the reassurance of a caring and encouraging vet accompanying us throughout the time. That’s all I really wanted.

Unfortunately, only 4 months after our beloved Dexter passed (November 2012) we discovered a little bump on our other dog’ Roxie's nose . (Roxie is a 16-year old Corgi-Basenji mix.) After a thorough examination of the little bump on Roxie's nose, my vet asked me if I had some of Dexter's medicine left, and if yes, I should start Roxie on it ASAP. I knew right then and there what hit us. Radiation and Chemo were out of question, due to her age and, we knew that we wanted to go the same route like we did with Dexter.

We did everything possible and Roxie seemed to respond, but the tumor grew and broke skin, a bloody gaping mess. At one point in mid to end May of this year, I almost gave up and prepared myself to say "good-bye" to our princess as well. But this little rascal taught me better. And so did my vet! Both pushed me forward to not give up but to fight again. Throughout the whole time Roxie ate well and continues to eat well. She took her herbs and roots like the trooper she is, sometimes with a bit of help of extras to make it tastier for her.

With our integrative veterinarian always by our side, either in person, on phone, or emails, we keep plucking away. Incredibly the tumor shrank and the open gap closed up.

You would never know that this terrible wound even existed. We continue with her regime, and hope we can keep the tumour in check.

We went to see our veterinarian just past Wednesday and her first question was "Where is the dog with the big tumor?" She smiled broadly and was happy with the effect that the combination of medicaments has on Roxie.

We won one big battle, and although we know that the war is still at our door, our integrative veterinarian makes it easier. Our Roxie continues to thrive and is her old self - literally. She is lively and mischievous. When walking her, she trots, sometimes even runs, and initiates play with our new dog.

I cannot express the respect, gratitude, and love that I have for my vet and her team. Never have a felt more safe and supported in taking care of my sick pets. I learn with and through my vet what is possible, and she inspires me every day to research and gain more knowledge myself.

Owner: Petra Duran-Smith Story and photos posted on the site

This is just one of the amazing stories in the world of utilizing “holistic medicine”

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