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NASA still thinks about a supersonic passenger airplane of the future

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Are we expected to develop another supersonic passenger plane of the future. NASA claims they did not forget the dream yet. NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) works to solve the challenges that still exist in our nation's air transportation system: air traffic congestion, safety and environmental impacts.

Any solutions to these problems require innovative technical concepts, and dedicated research and development. NASA's ARMD pursues the development of new flight operation concepts, and new tools and technologies that can transition smoothly to industry to become products.

Promoting Obama's "green" vision, NASA is helping create safer, greener and more effective travel for everyone. Our green aviation goals are to enable fuel-efficient flight planning, and reduce aircraft fuel consumption, emissions and noise.

We are told that their aeronautics' four research programs conduct fundamental, cutting-edge research into new aircraft technologies, as well as systems-level research into the integration of new operations concepts and technologies into the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). A fifth program manages a portfolio of wind tunnels and other testing facilities (icing, propulsion), flight research and support aircraft, and the evolution of test technologies at NASA centers around the country.