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Nas and Michael Eric Dyson Hip Hop Conversation at Georgetown

Nas at Georgetown
Nas at Georgetown

Nas has always been a more low key hip hop artist on the business front but when you look to combining music and academics recently there has been no shortage of what Mr Jones is looking to bring to the people. In this 90 min video professor Michael Eric Dyson and Nasir Jones converse on the impact of Illmatic 20 yrs after it hit the scene as Nas’s debut effort. They also get into the current state of Hip Hop among many more topics.

“I don’t see enough MCs who are brave enough to be honest,” he said during a talk with Michael Eric Dyson, university professor at Georgetown. “There’s a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad in rap.”

“The socially conscious stuff can come off as preachy,” he explained. “ … some people stay away from that. It’s not their bag, but they still have some kind of artistic responsibility to do more than what’s the latest trend.”

The conversation is moderated by Lehigh University’s Professor James Peterson and hosted at the home of the Hoyas, Georgetown University. Get comfy and check it out.

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