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'Naruto Shinobi' of New York

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The Allied Shinobi Cosplayer Army” branch of New York City "Leaf village" is always on the move. When they are not training under their leaders, they are gearing up for the next big meet-up.Always in deep training and sharpening their cosplay skills, this clan is fun and determined. These powerful masters of Jutsu can be found from central park to the long island sound, showing why "Naruto" is such a huge force in the anime world. The "Anbu black ops squads" all over america, different clans and also Akatsuki members can be found at these meet ups. They are a tight knit bunch of incredible cosplayers and we were lucky to hang with them and hear their stories.

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“We are The Allied Shinobi Cosplayer Army, or TASCA. We are a Naruto Cosplay group based in the northeastern part of the United States that conquers nearby conventions with our overflowing awesomeness and Naruto love. Although we are relatively new, we are already a close-knit community with BIG plans for the future! Our biggest event next year is planned for "New York Comic Con," but we will be looking into other conventions in the northeast as well (e.g. AnimeNEXT, Anime Boston, etc.). “

With events happening all over the country you can find the group members on oovoo planning out their next big event, or just hanging out showing off their Talents. They not only learn from each other. They not only enjoy each others company and most of all, form the bonds that will keep this clan together for a long time.

Beni Hannah Evans sends out order to the troops

“Our sister group Hidden Cosplay Village has meetups planned for both Setsu-con this month and Katsucon next month. If you don't know already, Hidden Cosplay Village is full of really cool peeps so you should definitely hang out with them if you're planning to go to these cons.”

Britt Pen

Going to the meetups are exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, simply because I've never been in a group like this before. I quickly learned how fun and carefree everyone was. I was actually surprised to find this many people who share the same interest as me. It was great to actually finally meet some of the cosplayers we've been talking to for over a month or so. I also think one of the things that shocked me the most is how many people actually recognized who we were. It made me realize that a lot of people in New York actually know about anime/manga, even if they don't show it. I honestly can't wait to do another meet up and hang out with my clan who are not only cosplayers, but friends.

Hyuga Kana

"The most important part of cosplay is having fun. Its also very freeing. When you love and identify with a character, you can become them. I've found I'm more comfortable interacting with people as even the shy Hinata than as myself. "

Kassandra Cosplayer

"Great conversations, truly sweet and welcoming Friends, who love to chat about anything geek culture related will warm your heart."

This is just a short list of "The Allied Shinobi Cosplayer Army's" 60+ members. They are very welcoming and examiner will be following these group all the way up to comic-con. watch out for the documentary coming out this winter and small short film starting these talented Shinobi from Art Zeal and Opinion heads.


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