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Narconon lawsuit Civil Rico for Mail and Wire Fraud

Facts vs Fiction and Quackery
Facts vs Fiction and Quackery
Smart People Today Publishing

Las Vegas attorney, Ryan Hamilton, files his seventeenth lawsuit against Scientology’s dwindling ‘Narconon Quackery’ of negligent drug rehab centers. The Scientology entities named in the lawsuit faces not only Civil Rico, but also claims filed for Breach of Contract, Fraud, Negligence, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Misrepresentation, and more.

Court documents posted by Tony Ortega on Scribd and ‘The Underground Bunker’.

Named defendants are Narconon of Northern California - Narconon Redwood Cliffs, Association For Better Living And Education International (ABLE), Narconon International et al.

The Plaintiffs [parents and son] were lured to Narconon by Intake Specialist, Mike DiPalma who represented the Narconon program had an 85% success rate, one on one counselling was available, and doctors and nurses who care for the patient.

DiPalma represented that the Narconon sauna program would reduce or eliminate drug cravings by flushing out residual drug toxins stored in fatty tissues.

However, Narconon International’s own expert witness, Dr. Louis A. Casal, testified in other lawsuits under oath that there is no scientific basis to support sweating out drug toxins in the Narconon sauna program. Casal also stated under oath that he had no understanding of where the 70% success rate numbers come from. “It’s a big number – I would need some convincing,” stated Dr. Casal.

Scientology recruitment program, Narconon, operating under the guise of drug rehabilitation, has faced public, government, and hot media scrutiny for several years now, and the temperature appears to be rising each month recently.

Facts vs Fiction and Quackery:

“Narconon is based on the Purification Rundown, a detoxification program developed by Hubbard and promoted through Scientology organizations. The following assessment of the Narconon program is dated January 5, 1991, by Dr. James J. Kenney, Ph.D., R.D., a member of the National Council Against Health Fraud, a group which also includes former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop.

I am familiar with the "Hubbard Method" of "detoxification" which is used at Scientologist run "clinics".... This "purification" program was created by L. Ron Hubbard's fertile imagination in the mid-1950s. It is part of the teachings of the Church of Scientology and lacks any credible scientific support.

This "purification" or "detoxification" program is claimed to help "clear" the mind of toxins such as drugs, pesticides and chemical pollutants. It consists of large doses of niacin, vegetable oil, exercise and "low temperature" saunas. According to the followers of L. Ron Hubbard, the large doses of niacin work by stimulating the release of fat into the blood stream and this is accompanied by various "toxins" trapped in the body's fatty tissues.

According to science, large doses of niacin actually block the release of fat from fat cells. This has been observed both at rest [Acta Medica Scandinavia 1962, 172(suppl):641)] and during exercise. [D. Jenkins, Lancet 1965, 1307]

In other words, the scientific evidence shows the exact opposite of what Hubbard's theory predicts. There is no credible support for claims that large doses of niacin clear toxins from the brain, fatty tissue or any other part of the body. To make matters worse, large doses of niacin ... can cause serious liver damage ... trigger gout, raise blood sugar into the diabetic range, cause itching, flushing and a rash. Nausea and gastritis are other side effects of large doses of niacin.

To subject people to these potentially serious side effects on the pretense that they are being "detoxified," "cleared" or "purified" is quackery.”

Scientology-Narconon has no scientific evidence to back up many of their statements concerning the Narconon Sauna treatment or their misrepresented success rate statistics promoted on their websites that lure in unwary victims.

However, there is success rate statistics/records from Narconon Trois-Rivieres that was shut down by the Ministry of Health agency. These documents will be submitted to yet another lawsuit against Narconon et al. in a Montreal, Canada, Civil Court proceeding should the case(s) proceed to trial. These records clearly indicate fraudulent misrepresentation, and conspiracy to commit fraud.

David Love

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