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Narcissistic mother murders her four-year-old daughter

Stacie Parsons murdered her four-year-old daughter.
Stacie Parsons murdered her four-year-old daughter.

Stacie Parsons, a twenty-five year old Texas mother killed her four-year-old daughter, wrapped her in a trash bag and stuffed her in the trunk of her car.

On Monday July 21, 2014 at 8:45 AM, Stacie walked into Athens police station and confessed to killing her own daughter.

Investigators went to her home and found Stacie’s deceased daughter wrapped in a garbage bag.

Victoria Wyatt, the four-year-old girl, appeared to have suffered injuries to the head and chest yet an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death.

What would cause a mother to kill her own daughter just a day before she was supposed to enroll her into pre-kindergarten program?

While the exact motive is not clear, Stacie’s common law husband, Gary Wyatt, told a Texas news station that his wife was jealous of their daughter since the day she was born.

Reportedly, the night before Stacie and Gary were supposed to enroll their daughter in the pre-k program, Gary told his wife that he wanted a divorce.

According to the couple’s friend, Randy Dyess, Stacie allegedly made a threat against Victoria just few days before the murder saying, ‘I'd rather kill Victoria and spend the rest of my life in prison than to put up with you.’ (Referring to Mr. Wyatt)

If Stacie was indeed jealous of her daughter, she very well may have been narcissistic.

A narcissistic mother may perceive her daughter as a threat. Someone who is narcissistic craves attention and anyone who draws attention away from that person can cause envy and hate.

The mother may be jealous because of her daughter’s looks, youth and even the relationship she has with her father.

When Mr. Wyatt expressed to his wife that he wanted a divorce, she knew that he would continue to have a relationship with his daughter and she would be left out.

Perhaps, Stacie not only retaliated by killing Victoria but also gained the attention she desired by committing such a heinous act.

The day of the murder, Mr. Wyatt woke up after Stacie already left with Victoria and he thought she went to enroll her in pre-k without him. When Stacie came home, she parked the car and started walking away.

Gary chased her down and asked where Victoria was at and his wife replied, ‘I wouldn't be in that car if I were you.’
Mr. Wyatt went to the car and found his little girl in the trunk wrapped in plastic with her head bashed in and foam coming out of her mouth.

It is such a tragedy to lose a child especially when he or she is murdered by his or her own parent. Mr. Wyatt will have a long road of recovery ahead of him to conquer.

As for Stacie, being in Texas, she will likely get the death penalty for this relentless crime.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to parents who discover the other parent is jealous of their own child and will take the necessary steps to keep the child safe. A narcissistic person has no regard for other people and in some cases even their own children.

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