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'Narcissist-in-chief' Obama upset press didn't ask about his birthday

On Friday, Barack Obama seemed upset when reporters didn't ask him about his upcoming birthday, prompting many to criticize what conservative columnist Michelle Malkin called the "Narcissist in chief."

Obama whines about birthday question.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

"Boohoo," said a headline at Doug Giles' Clash Daily. The post goes on to note that the "world burns while President Obama is concerned about how he is going to spend his birthday."

"I thought that you guys were gonna ask me about, uh, how I was gonna spend my birthday," Obama told reporters, who seemed more interested in other issues. "What happened to the happy birthday thing?"

Eventually, one reporter -- April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks -- wished Obama a happy birthday. According to CBS News' Mark Knoller, the president "broke into a big smile."

Others on Twitter weren't impressed with Obama's performance. For many, the incident showed the childish and narcissistic nature of the president.

"Obama, Come on guys, where's the love. Anybody gonna wish me a happy birthday?" tweeted Chuck Woolery. "Anybody? Hello? Anybody?"

"Obama, There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday," another person tweeted. "That time is age 11."

"How did this empty suit, leaning on his elbow on the podium, begging for birthday wishes, ever get elected president?" Twitter user "Vern Demerest" asked. In response, one person said: "Because quite remarkably twice now, the Low Information Voters enthusiastically voted to destroy America."

For those wondering what Obama is doing this weekend, WHAS said the president joined friends for an early round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base in what has become "an annual birthday tradition." He will then take a short hop to Camp David on Marine One and will return to the White House Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, Obama turns 53 years old. Video of his press conference can be seen above.

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