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Naphlion and the trojan war

The city of Naphlion
The city of Naphlion
Roberta Mark Engel

How is the hero of the Trojan War related to the Peloponnese Peninsula? Is the Peloponnesus locale an island or is it part of the mainland? Why is the coastline of this region so special? Since there is so much to see along the way, Dan’s tour will begin in Athens. Bring your camera and tour Corinth, Nemea and its beautiful vineyards. Also, visit Mycenae, Epidaurus, Argos, and my personal favorite, Naphlion.

Look, we can see a ship going through the isthmus of the Corinth Canal. If we are lucky, we can also get a glimpse of lowering the bridge into the water as the ships pass through. Here is some trivia; Did you know that St. Paul was put on trial by the Romans in Corinth?

Did you know that the Peloponnese region grows some of the best olives and grapes in Greece? The next stop is in Nemea which is surrounded with vineyards. Do you want some wine? Follow Daniel. It is also where the ancient Nemean Games were held. The city also has ancient fortifications for the viewing.

Continuing through a big forest of orange trees, Mycenae will be reached. As you know, the ancient city of Mycenae was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. Further east is Epidavros near the Saronic Gulf. It hosts many orange fields and olive trees. It also boasts about the ancient theater which was built in 4 B.C. and is known for its great acoustic sound. The theatre is used today by Greek actors who perform various ancient Greek plays. Dan said, “I, actually heard an oratory by one of the patrons. It was impressive. The Sanctuary of Asklipeious and the beautiful museum are also well worth the viewing.”

Argos is the city of Ancient Greece, in the Northeast section of the Peloponnese Peninsula which is three miles inland from the Gulf of Argos, near modern Naphlion. Because of the strength of the fort that sits above the bay, this town became an important strategic and commercial center to the Byzantines around the sixth century AD.

Palamidi in Naphlion is one of the best castles in Greece. It was named after Nafphlios, son of Poseidon, and home of Palamidis, their local hero of the Trojan War. Palamidi was built on the hillside. It is six hundred years old and offers a breathtaking view of Nafplio ad the Argolic gulf.

Naphlio is also a wonderful place to stop for lunch and to shop for souvenirs. The old town boasts the best tavernas and night life. See, Naphlio is not just a tourist area. As you can read, it is steeped in history.

Dan hopes you enjoyed your tour of "Naphlio, and the Hero of the Trojan War". We also hope you relished learning about Corinth, Nemea, Mycanea, Argos, Epidavros, and Naphlio. We look forward to sharing our next tour with you!

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