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Napa wineries suffer losses from today's 6.1 and tweet about it

Napa Valley Earthquake update by Patti Pietschmann--this morning (Sunday, August. 24) at 3:20 a.m. the entire Napa Valley region was rattled by a major 6.1 earthquake which caused at least 100 injuries to people, destruction to buildings and the spillage of a whole lot of mighty fine wines.

At a  loss for wines
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Reports from various vintners are coming in via Twitter and Facebook. David Duncan of Silver Oak Winery tweeted that he lost hundreds of bottles in his office and three casks fell and leaked but were salvageable. Viticulturist, Steve Matthiasson, tweeted that all the winery’s 2013 red barrels are on the ground and the loss has not yet been assessed.

Posted on today's Twitter pages:

Cloak & Dagger Wines tweeted: “Thank God this happened at 3:20 AM on a Sunday and not during business hours. Our commiserations to Napa Barrel Care” .

Another tweet went, “No... So many wonderful wines here! @"PatrickWalker: Lots of damage at Vinter's Collective #earthquake #news10

According to a late report by the Los Angeles Times wine columnist S.Irene Virbila, “Wine publicist and journalist Alan Goldfarb reports that Bouchaine Vineyards, also in Carneros, lost a good deal of Cabernet (they’re still trying to figure out how much).”

Today’s quake not only affected wineries, but wine businesses in the valley also took a hit. Carole Meredith of Lagier Meredith tweeted that she heard from a friend that wine is flowing out to NBC into the parking lot.

Since it’s Sunday it’s hard to locate public relations people who handle the area, many of whom are probably pretty stressed out themselves. But we hope to get more news about the wineries. Let’s face it wine makes the Napa Valley go round.

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