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Napa Valley Vintners and some special wines

There is no question that almost every wine aficionado is familiar with Napa Valley. Wines, restaurants, scenery all connect to make a wonderful area for visiting, eating and imbibing. But what many may not know is that Napa is also home to the Napa Valley Vintners Association, a collection of both large and boutique winemakers and vineyards which turnout some magnificent wines.

Great wines from boutique vintners
Napa Valley Vintners

Looking closely at the boutique winemakers, it becomes evident that these are not your large, well known producers, yet the wines they produce compete with all the top labels. The lots from the boutiques are typically small, but the quality draws visitors back to these producers on a regular basis.

Recently Napa Valley Vintners brought together a group of boutique producers to a Beverly Hills event highlighting their wonderful wines. For the trade and media there was an afternoon luncheon and tasting at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel. Later in the evening there was a special gala for wine tasting, dinner and meet the producers at the same venue.

Tastings at both events allowed the vineyards to not only highlight their favorite wine, but to also give the groups a broad spectrum of what the winemakers and region had to offer. In all cases the wines were delightful and many were very special.

The groups were both small enough that the winemakers and representatives were able to spend time discussing both the wines and their philosophy about maximizing yield from the terroir they cultivate.

Napa is blessed generally with not only great soil, but also a vast variety of micro-climes and soil conditions. This variation of climes and soils allows vineyards relatively close to one another to actually end up producing wines with very different characteristics. And this is nice for wine lovers since, with the close proximity of many vineyards, it is easy to compare and contrast the differences in many of the wines.

While many of the larger producers are famous for their labels, it is a pleasure to visit some of the boutiques to see what is happening and discover that the smaller producers are creating really unique wines.

Next time you visit Napa, start off by trying some of the boutiques, you will not be disappointed.

Have a winederful day!

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